PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic 21: Abstract Art

Hello friends and welcome here.
I was jumped post 2 times for PA challenge. I was little busy for my family, now is done. I didn't to touch any tools and paints I almost forget how to...
I'm ready!!
The PA Topic 21: Abstract Art this fortnight (HERE)and I can't really understand 'What is Abstract Art ' I Only know some Abstract Artist. Then I only followed Jackson Pollock technique 'Dripping'.
First I dripped Golden - Clear Tar Gel and Little Black Dress on to the white smoothy card and stayed over night. I then dripped Fresco Banana, Caribbean Sea and Bougainvillea again. And I used Treasure Gold Classic randomly. I cut the painting sheet into two rectangles. Prepare another square cut of white paper, I glued the two rectangles papers on the both sides. Also I cut  the black paper and glued center place. I then drew the circles by oil Pastels. 
This is my Abstract Art and no name.... Very fun to made.

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a fantastic craft days all.

Etsuko xxx


The Brooch for October

Hello friends and welcome here!
On the PA challenge blog, this fortnight topic18 is 'Wearable Art'.
My entry was late because I had to think about making.
Then I decided to make the Brooch for October!!

First I used shrink plastic, it was cut into 12 cm diameter and sanded by sanding block.

I stamped Darcy's tree EDY 06 by Potting Soil Archival. When it dried I was colored in pastel lightly.

It was placed on a toaster that was laid cooking sheet, then I was heated for about 2 minutes. The circle about 40 % shrank and the color was slightly darker.
I was layout some laces, thread and beads to the circle Then I was using Glossy Accents ( I ordered a Resin to Amazon but not coming yet... ) in place other than laces, and I've put it overnight.

This is the back side. I painted white gesso 3 times and stamped Lin's love birds
ELB 21.  Finally I attached the pin.

Thank you so much stopping by. Have a wonderful days.
Etsuko xxx


Brown and pale

Hello friends and welcome.
Today I followed with Alison Bomber's techniques.
Wonderful talented artist Alison Bomber was always inspired me. One of her project 'The Depths of Winter' that can't get it out of my mind, it is absolutely enchanting!! Her project is High quality art, I did only some techniques and idea.
Her project and tutorial is HERE(Words and Pictures).
This is my piece...I'll try again!!

Thank so much for dropping by, see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx


Stampotique's facebook post

Hello friends and welcome.
Today is so beautiful outside here. I'll plane to take walk after finish this post.
My request was accepted by Stampotique's Facebook and I made this panel.
First I created the background for some gray board using some stencils with Fresco paints. 
Then I used clear tar gel and regular gel matt with micro beads. 
I stamped Jill Penney and Line up white smoothy card by Jet Black Archival.
I then painted and fussy cut them and I stuck them to the background.
Finally I stamped pretty Hanging Hearts on the bottom of the background.

Thank you so much for dropping by and see you soon!!
Have a sweet crafting days!!
Etsuko xxx


Dragons Dream TIO Challenge # 201

Over on the Dragons Dream TIO blog challenge, wonderful talented Julie Ann Lee chosen theme is NO4. 
I created the background for this tag using some stencils with Fresco paints. 
And I stamped circles by sepia Archival.
Next I created the layer for the white stamping card using Stampotique girl, I painted and fussy cut it. Also I made 'No4' and 'you' letters. 
I stamped Stampotique tiny flowers after I stuck them to the tag.  

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great days and see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx


I play with Darcy's stamps.

Hello friend and welcome!!
Today I played with PaperArtsy Darcy's stamps EDY08, EDY10 and Lin Brown's ELB01, ELB15  stamps for the background. Sentiment is Darcy's EDY14.
I used Fresco Caribbean Sea, Wisteria and Chalk for background. Also I used Fresco Nougat, Cinnamon, China,  Cheesecake, Tango and Snowflake for the Flower and the house. And #10tag.
I could not put a flowers stalk...
This is the Tag.

Thank you so much stopping by and have a great weekend ladies!!
Etsuko xx


Challenge PaperArtsy topic 17 'Pigment Powders'

Over on the PaperArtsy blog Sam Butler has been back today and her amazing projects and tutorial which you can see here and her blog 'Sam 21ski'. I was always inspired by her many experimental attempts and these works, this time her Brusho project.
I started to take 8 x 8 gray board and used white gesso all over the surface.
Also I used Prima Clear Crackle all over the surface too. Then it dried I used several Brushos and spritz with water. I repeated the action until good results.
After it dried I stamped Hot Picks's 'Poppy' HP1505EZ  and  Lin's sentiment ELB24 by Jet Black Archival.
This is my panel.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx


Lin's bird for Christmas.

Hello friends and welcome.
Over on the PA blog new Christmas and Halloween stamp sets have been announced. These are wonderful products and fabulous GD's samples which you can see here and here. Also new limited Fresco edition too...so exciting!!!
But I haven't any new stamps yet!! I'm just planned.
Today I want to make some Christmas tag by the Lin's bird.
I painted the tag's surface by Fresco Lake Wanaka then I used Embossing powder 'Sticky' with Lin's tiny sparkle star stamp. I used heat tool for the 'Sticky' then I sprinkled the glitter.

I stamped Lin's bird (chicken) onto the white smoothly paper, painted and fussy cut. Also I added the knit-cap and the muffler for him. Finally I stamped 'Let it Snow', branch and tiny red heart.

Thank you for stopping by see you soon...
Etsuko xxx


PA Linda Brown's bird stamps.

Hello friend and welcome.
I got Lin's 2015 bird stamps last month and it's little late order.
Many designers had created great samples since the stamps was released.
I was very inspired by them, although I thought it was going to buy but I was hesitant. And I've decided finally...lol.
Then this is my first bird!!

Also I got Tim's crazy bird that is the next story, thank you so much stopping by,
and  have a fabulous craft days!!

Etsuko xxx


The Dragons Dream TIO challenge blog and #199 theme 'number three'.

Hello friends and welcome here.
Over on the Dragons Dream TIO blog, Catherine chosen fabulous theme 'number three' this fortnight,  and  you can see her wonderful tag and GD's tags which you can see here.
I chosen No.3 '3 o'clock Tea Time'. 
I took #10 tag then I was made to paint with palette knife by Fresco. Also used PA Lin's and Ellen's stencils by Fresco and Archival ink. That is background. 
Next I stamped PA Lyinne Perrella's lady and some butterfly stamps onto the painted white smoothy card. I added Prima glitter on the butterfly. Also I stamped Tea Time and 3 onto the white smoothy card. Finally I fussy cut all and stuck the background 10 tag. 
This is what I made the tag.

Hope you like it, and thanks very much for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog challenge Topic 16 Circles.

Hello friends and welcom.
Today I entry to PaperArtsy topic 'Circles' which you can see great sample is here.
I start to used A4 white stamping paper and Painted by Caribbean Sea, Banana, Bougainvillea and Tango Fresco. When the paints dried I painted Blueberry the whole surface then I wipe the paint from the stencil.

I took my leftover and punched circles them. I then stuck to randomly onto the background. Draw around it with white oil pastel and I made dots by Stikles.
Finally I stamped EEV 06 small circle by Hint of Mint fresco.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
See you soon, Have a nice craft days all.
Etsuko xxx


DragonsDream TIO challenge #198.

Hello friend and welcome.
Over on DragonsDream TIO blog challenge, Silvia has been back this time, her theme is Number 2, her beautiful tag and GD's wonderful samples which you ca see here. I've not had a lot of time and also the deadline is soon.
I used several stencils and Fresco Paints. Number 2 for little tag and some stamps for the background.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great crafting days.
Etsuko xxx



Hello friends and welcome here.
Today I played with Sandra's 'RELICS & ARTIFACTS TRIBE'. 
This image is 'Carnival', beautiful'.  masquerade people are reflected in a river and added the old building and ornaments break out the magical atmosphere. I never been to Venice but I want to...
So sorry, I forgot to take a photo engrossed for making.
This is my plate.

Hope you like it, and thanks very much for looking.
Have a wonderful weekend all.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog Challenge, Topic 15 second ently

Hello friends and welcome again.
This is my second entry for PaperArtsy blog challenge topic 15 'Gels and Mediums'. and Leandra's wonderful Video is here.
This time I used 5 x 7" Gray Board and brayed by Guacamole, Antarctic, Caribbean Sea and Wisteria Fresco. I then used some dots Stencil and Lin's stamp ELB21  by Taupe Fresco for the layer. And also I used same dots stencil with 3D Gloss gel and Pearl Glaze onto the board, it's only I want to make shiny dimension. Next I stamped Lin's ELB 17  owl and branch, ELB 19 houses,  ELB 22 and ELB 24  weeds by Jet Black Archival onto the White Stamping Card then painted and fussy cut them.
I used what was mixed with 3D Gloss Gel and micro beads to the fairy house's roof.

I stuck all pieces by 3D foam onto the board. I made sentiment and painted Prima Wood Icon. I then stuck them too.
This is the final board.

Thank you for stopping by!!
Have a sweet weekend friend. Sorry tomorrow is Saturday here.
Etsuko xxx



PaperArtsy blog Challenge, Topic 15: Gels and Mediums.

Hello friends and welcome here.
Tonight PA Topic 15 Gels and Mediums. you can see the video and sample is here. also Lin Brown's wonderful tutorial and sample is here. It's her lovely technique.
I started to used Golden Clear Tar Gel, and my brand-new Hot Picks 1505.
I dropped the gel in the form of poppy flower and leaves on top of the tile then I put in the Fresco (Bougainvillea and Cherry Red, Hey Pesto and Beach Hut) with Tim Holtz tool. And It was standing overnight.

I stamped Poppy flower and leaves by Stazon Jet Black onto the Tar Gel. Then I glued the book page on the back side thereof and fussy cut it( Jelly Poppy ).
Next I used 10 tag and I made background. I stamped Poppy stamp by Stazon Jet Black onto the 10 tag too. Then I glued the Jelly Poppy onto the background.
Finally I used the pebble and butterfly for embellishments.

 Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic 'Flowers' No2

Hello friend and welcome again!!
This is my second entry, it was almost the same as before my entry board and I used the Prima RELICS & ARTIFACTS TRIBE on the top.
First I made the background, I dry brushed by Wisteria and Blue Oyster Fresco on the top of the board. then I stamped ELB01, ELB24 and ESN15 by Snow Flake, Purple Rain and Aquamarine Archival.
 Next I made the layers, I stamped ELB24 Sunflower onto the white stamping card and Waxed Tissue by Jet Black Archival. I then painted the sunflower by Bougainvillea Fresco and fussy cut. Also I stamped ELB22 and ELB23 onto the white stamping card that covered piece of book by Jet Black Archival. Then I painted by Banana and Tango Fresco and fussy cut.  After, I made the stems and leaves in a similar way.
I took the RELICS & ARTIFACTS TRIBE's doll and rubbed Inka Gold silver and I made his wings with some butterfly stamp. I used some beads to the wing.
Finally I made bottom layer, I painted Mocha Mousse onto the corrugated paper. Stamped  ELB22 checker by Deep Purple Archival onto the waxed kraft paper.
I used the lace between the corrugated paper and the waxed kraft paper.
This is it.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Hope you had wonderful weekend. 
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog challenge Topic 14 'Flowers'

Hello friends and very welcome.
Tonight I was inspired by Anneke De Clerck 'Canvas' on the PaperArtsy blog challenge. She used canvas and she made beautiful project on it which you can see here.  It was quite a difference, but I was follow to her a little.
I used Grey Board (203 x 203 cut in half) I then sticked the piece of papers in the board then I did a coat of gesso on the top. I used Doily stencil with Banana, Mocha Mousse and Nougat Fresco to the upper part, I painted with Caribbean Sea and Banana Fresco to the other half part. Then I stamped Lin's new stamps ELB22 by Jet Black Archival. and used Bougainvillea and Hide Park Fresco. Finally I stamped ELB24 Lin's sentiment by Jet Black Archival onto the white stamping card and used lace on the bottom.

Thank you for stopping by...Have a wonderful weekend.
Etsuko xxx


Dragon Dream TIO #196 Theme is eight.

Hello friends and welcome.
Tonight I entry to the Dragons Dream TIO challenge, which theme is 'Eight'.
You can see the wonderful GD's samples too.
I simply thought 8 months of the year equal August, and sunshine garden.
I used #8tag and Lin Brown's new stamps and Fresco paints to the background and all colours. No8 and August from Hot Picks stamps, I used Frantage Aged Green embossing enamel to the 8.
This is my tag.

It has a small typhoon in Saga now, isn't dangerous which blow a little wind.
Have a nice craft days, thank you so much dropping by....
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Topic #13 'TIME' challenge.

Hello friend and welcome.
Over on PaperArtsy challenge blog topic13 'Time' which wonderful Leandra's Video and great samples is here.
I start to made the panel but I didn't have much a stamps of time. Then I used HP clock stamp for background and Darcy's stamps for the layers.
This is the panel which I made.

and Time pieces.
This is the Darcy's Eclectica stamp EDY05 flower and Tim's embellishment.

The cute owl is Darcy's Eclectica mini stamp Mini14 and bottle cap clock.

The steampunk houses are Eclectica stamp EDY08.

Thank you so much stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Etsuko xxx


Midnight heart. Relics & Artifacts Tribe

Hi! friends welcome to midnight garden.
I made 'Midnight Heart' by Sandra's RAT.
Of course, while we are sleeping also sleeping heart, but nevertheless carefree heart may have been wandering the forest. It's my stupid imagination....

I used height 7 3/4" , width-3 3/4", depth-1/2"  paper mache board.
First I was fixed some embellishments by heavy gel, then I painted Prima Heavy black gesso onto the board. When it was completely dry I used Prima Mica Powder Blue and Teal. 
Second I used Prima Texture Paste White Crackle onto the Sandra's heart then I painted Fresco Caribbean Sea with much water when the texture paste dried. ( Isn't happy to see this picture) 
I painted some gold and Fresco Caribbean Sea onto the Flaming. Stamped PaperArtsy Linne Perrella's lady face onto the white paper and painted then I cut and glued it onto the heart. Also I was fixed some beads around her face.
Finally I was fixed the Flaming Heart onto the background.
Thank you for dropping by and have a nice weekend.
Etsuko XO,


PaperArtsy Challenge blog topic 12 stencil second.

Hello everybody and welcome
I was very inspired by Elizabeth Borer the layered triptych, then I made this tag.
even i was inspired Leandra's video too. 
First...I brayered with Fresco paints Cinnamon and Nougat onto the #10tag.
Then used Lin's ELB 006 fab stencil by Fresco Cinnamon, Nougat and Smurf.
Also I stenciled TH's dots with modeling paste and Fresco Cheesecake. When dried the surface I stamped Sara Naumann's ESN15 and TH's stamps by Archival Jet Black.
Second...I stamped Darcy's EDY12 , EDY14 and Sara's ESN15 onto the white stamping card and painted by Fresco paints. When these dried I fussy cut and fixed onto the #10 tag. 
Finally I stamped Darcy's sentiment by by Archival Jet Black I then fixed too.
This is what I made tag.

Thank you very much for stopping by.
Have a wonderful craft days with PaperArtsy's new products.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic 12 Stencils.

Hello friends and welcome to my craft garden.
I was resting little while the blog.
On the PaperArtsy blog Topic 12 Stencil this time, I was always inspired by Lin Brown's use of stencils. Her blog 'Yours Artfully' is here.  And I followed her tutorial of my background.
I took 8 x 8 Journal and I made the cover first.
I glued some Prima's cutting papers onto the cover background then I brayered by Honey Dew, Wisteria, Cheesecake and Caribbean Sea Fresco Paints. Next I used Prima and Tim Holtz's stencils by Taupe and Nougat Fresco Paints. After the paints  dried I paint Snow Flake Fresco and sprayed water.
The background was completely dry I used StencilGirl's bird stencil and doodling the flower and bubbles.
I made layers, 1, I stamped Linne Perrella's LPC 009 onto the section tracing paper by cobalt Archival. 2, Die cut the Dial of a clock and distressed it by paints and texture paste. 3, I used gold embossing powder and made the letters.
Finally I glued 1-3 staffs onto the background. 
This is the journal cover what  I made, I'm so sorry for long description without the process photos. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful craft days.
Etsuko xxx


Old black cat

Hello friends and welcome.
Today I posted another craft, this crochet black cat that was made 10 years ago.
I love knitting but I haven't crochet or knitting recently.
Maybe the cat was last one. The cat design isn't my original, Tomoko Takamori's original. She is fabulous crochet doll designer and here is her site. Please check it if you have interest.

This is the black cat that I made.

Thank you so much stopping by...
Have a nice craft days.

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy 2015 #11 Challenge Mini Book(by me)

Hello Everyone, my name Etsuko Noguchi, I have been living in the East of Japan ‘Saga’. This Saga Prefecture agriculture in the main source of income, the rice fields has also spread around near my house. But the agriculture is becoming reduced by the difficult enough revenue for small farms and the aging of farmers. Farmland is changing to the mall and emerging residential areas. 

I have been started craft since 2013 and soon I have found PA stamps and PA blog. Wonderful Leandra’s video and gust designers tutorials are like a compass that led me into the mixed media world. 
This fortnight PA topic is ‘Hiding Object’ then I decided to make the ’Mini Book’.

1st. I used to die cut Tim Holtz the arch die by gray chipboard and painted Irish Cream Fresco and White Heavy Gesso to the base. Also I stamped Darcy's Mini stamps by Stazon Jet Black onto the smoothy heavy weight card.

2nd. I used some dots stencil with 3D Gross Gel, mica powders and micro beads.

Page1,2. I used stamps(backgrounds)--ENS13 circles, music notes. EDY11 dots EN10 Darcy's flowers for focal point. Paint--Bougainvillea, Wisteria, Claret and Snow Flake Fresco.  Words--Jofy's JOFY09 by Archival Jet Black and UniBall gold.

Page3,4. Stumps--EDY05, EDY11EDY12 and Darcy's bird EM12 for focal point.
Paints--Cinnamon, Tango, Hey Pesto and Snow White Fresco. Words--Darcy's EDY14.

Page5,6. Stumps--EDY06EDY14, and Darcy's btterfly EDY02 for focal point.
Paints--Cinnamon, Banana, Caribbean and Snow White Fresco. Words--Darcy's EDY11.

Page7,8. Stumps--EDY12EDY14, EEG02 and Darcy's the snail man EM04 for focal point. Paints--Bougainvillea, Hey Pesto, Caribbean and Snow White Fresco
Words--Sara's ESN15.

Page9,10. Stumps--EDY05EDY12ENS11 and Darcy's pretty owl EM14 for focal point. Paints--Tango, Caribbean Sea and Snow White Fresco
Words--Darcy's EDY12.

I glued tear and wrinkled Waxed Tissue with Matte Gel Matt onto the arch board. Then I used clear gesso, After I spread Cinnamon Fresco and water when it dried I used White Heavy Gesso and Pearl Glaze

These are front and back covers. I used Darcy's new Heart EM16, I made the heart by clay and other pieces made by white paper and beads for the front cover. Next for the back cover I stenciled with mixed Grange Paste and China Fresco onto the arch bard. Then I stamped Darcy's EM10 mini Tornado, painted and fussy cut then I used wire for the top. 
 I was thinking how to bind this book. Then I made the binding to use Tim Holtz On the Edge die by smoothy heavy weight card and painted.
Finally I did layout these embellishments onto the covers and used the ribbon to the binding.

I hope you'll join in with the PaperArtsy 'Hiding Object’' Challenge, and have a go at stamping with Frescos, I love the Fresco so much, lots of beautiful colours , fantastic be mixed, extend smoothly and permanent. 
The Darcy Eclectica³ Stamps have more wonderful characters and images, it will surely take you to fantasy world.

Etsuko xxx


Dragons Dream Tag it On #193 "green and a quotation"

Hello friends,
I was so pleased to be asked by Gabrielle if I would be a GT for her turn to host a theme at DragonsDream Tag It On, which recipe is "green and a quotation" (here). Thank you Gabrielle. I really enjoyed it.

My imagine of green is always the field and the fairies. I never met a fairies, but I feel they live and sometime they make the mischief to me.  Here is What I made.

I took the #10 tag and painted Fresco green colours onto the background. I then stamped PaperArtsy Script and Circles stamps, Also I used PaperArtsy stencil with mixed micro beads and mica powder onto the background. 
Next I made layers, I cut the different size circles by white paper then I stamped the butterflies, etc, and I used oil pastels. Finally I made the fairy with lovely stampotique stamp to focal point. 
I haven't any green quotation stamps then I used some sticker for it.

I love colours painting, I hope you like it and Gabrielle too.
It would be great if you would visit Dragon TIO blog and join in the challenge too. 
Thank you so much stopping by, and have a merry and joyful craft life.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic10 'Bottles'

Hello Friends,
Here is almost summer, what about in your area?
Over on the PaperArtsy this fortnight Leandra topic#10 is Bottles. 
I was inspired by her video 'using Grunge Paste onto the bottle'

I was inspired by her video 'using Grunge Paste onto the bottle'. First I painted Caribbean Sea Fresco and stamped MN61 script by Stazon Jet Black onto the bottle. When it dried I used Grunge Paste. It was difficult to make good shape.
Then I used Cinnamon Fresco and Florentine Treasure Gold.

Next I made the bottle vessel.
I painted the box and added wood beads, Prima embellishment and wood box foot.  I love the 3D projects and I'd give it a go 'Grunge Paste'.
Sorry It's a quick post by this.

Thank you so much for stopping by...Hope you have a nice weekend.
Etsuko xxx