PaperArtsy Challenge Blog Topic # 8 'Boxes'

Hi everyone,thank you so much to welcome here, and I'd like to share with you my take on our wonderful topic 'Boxes'. I like this three-dimensional project and it is a lot of fun to build with some material and techniques. Tonight I used PA stamps, paints. clay, wire and small wooden box...Le's get started, please enjoy!!
I remembered my cousin sending small present for her friends and I decided to make small box to put in greeting tags to her.

I took this box what I used : The dimension of the wood case is H65mm x W100 x L120mm. I painted white gesso in the box.

Arranged the Gelli printing surface with Seth ESA02 and Jofy new stamp Jofy62.

I glued the masterboard to the box and painted the inside by Space Cadet, Chalk and Gold Fresco. I stuck the masterboard but the box shape is so flat, I decided to add something interesting. 

 I remembered lovebird in Elena's new stamp ZA20 and came up this idea- birdcage on the lid. I stamped the lovebird on the extended polymer clay, slashed with a knife and warmed up in the oven for 20 minutes. Once it cooled down I painted by Southern Skies and White Fire Fresco.

The cage made by wire and beads, the wire work was harder than accessories chain...The finish was clumsy!

I set the birdcage on the lid of the box.

 Also I made these greeting tag to put in the box. Used craft paper as the tag mount, randomly glued the leftover masterboard, and stamped several images with Chalk Fresco. I then made the embellishments with Elena's mini stamps. ZN13, ZN20, ZN22, ZN30, ZN31, ZN32. I used watercolor and fussy cut leave the white part then hung it with wire and beads to the tags.

I would be happy if you like this project. Elena's new stamps are so cute and various kinds of world has developed with background, and these are so useful such as a greeting card, journal, 3D figures and more. Gelli play is very fun and sometimes get happy results. Hope you will start to make and enjoy with them.

Etsuko Noguchi xxx