Old black cat

Hello friends and welcome.
Today I posted another craft, this crochet black cat that was made 10 years ago.
I love knitting but I haven't crochet or knitting recently.
Maybe the cat was last one. The cat design isn't my original, Tomoko Takamori's original. She is fabulous crochet doll designer and here is her site. Please check it if you have interest.

This is the black cat that I made.

Thank you so much stopping by...
Have a nice craft days.

Etsuko xxx


  1. I love cats, Etsuko! This crochet toy is adorable. I would love to knit and crochet like this! xx

  2. I love knitting AND crochet too. Your cat is wonderful. Lx

  3. Hi Etsuko, I'm on your blog to say a little hello and tell you how I find your project for PA wonderful... but can't go straight on the next blog post without telling you too that I love your cat!!! :D
    So cute!!!
    Have a lovely week-end, hugs Coco xxx

  4. He's so sweet! What skill you have.
    Alison xx


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