PaperArtsy blog #Topic RUSTY EMBLEM with EAB

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko happy with you todayand I'd like to share with you ......

This time I put Alison's fabulous new stamp in the emblem and decorated with frame. And I made iron rust and patina with Fresco Paints. It is not so difficult to make patina but it was difficult to resemble iron rust, I added micro beads as a supplement.

I used Alison Bomber's EAB05 quote stamp

I wanted to give rust and winter atmosphere with simple color inside this frame.

I painted Smoked PaprikaBrown Shed, Blood Orange, Chocolate PuddingMud Splat and little Black Dress over and over on the white paper.

Then I embossed   Scrapcosy's ESC09 frames using 'seafoam white' embossing powder.

Next I made emblem stamped with Scrapcosy's ESC09 using  Apoxie clay. This clay becomes like a resin when it dried and it can make fine details. 
I made a patina on the emblem using Hey Pesto, Green Olive, Captain PeacockChocolate Pudding and Little Black DressFresco Chalk Paints and finished it with Treasure Gold. Also I made crackle using Space CadetChalk and Crackle Glaze on the white card for the back ground.

I wanted to need some dimensional pieces to the emblem. Then I decided to make on white holly leaves using  Scrapcosy's ESC07 by Green Man,Olive Tree infusions and white embossing powder.

Finally I made the wintry background using Scrapcosy ESC07 stamp, and Distress Inks: Iced Spruce OxideBroken China Oxide, Vintage Photo ink, clear crack paste and micro beads.

And here is the finished sample. I used an Alison Bomber quote featured on the central emblem.

And I also made a couple of tags, also using Alison's Stamps
Eclectica {Alison Bomber} Set 03 as well as Set 05 featured at the top of this post.

I enjoyed mixing paint an ordinary way but there are various methods of rust and I am looking forward to seeing what you make. 

Thank you so much joining me and hope you like it. 
Etsuko xxx


New stamps by the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Tribe

Hello friend and welcome.
So sorry I was out of this blog for a long time.
In the meantime I addicted to the newly released art stamp from Sandra Evertson's the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Tribe . And I made some, these stamps are over 30 in all.

First I made the tag and also addicted ethnic colours too.  Stamps--Scapular,

This is the second frame and the butterfly stamp name is Fridafly.

Another frame and stamps are Venus and Fridafly..

These studs were found and puncture flame.  Figureheads

,  The beaded necklace   Imperial-Eggs Stamps--CorazonLife is ArtSacre Coeur,

The vibrant colours frame.   Stamp--Pangaea .


The Flare Eye brooch.   I used Oculus stamp.

The Flare Heart brooch.  I used Burning Heart
These brooches are listing on the ETSYIf you have time please pop in to Etsy

This is a ring, I stamped the Sandra's the RELICS & ARTIFACTS Tribe Corazon  Stamp on the solder and made it a ring shape, then I used Troubador with ApoXie Sculpt. 

I posted it all at once and thank you so much stopping by.
Have a nice day.

Etsuko xxx


2017 #12 Hybrid inks: Autumn box

2017 Topic #12 Hybrid inks

Hello everyone, It's Etsuko with you and it's wonderful to be back here on the PA blog tonight. I'd like to share with you the Autumn box project.

Theme is hybrid and I decided to use distress oxide ink pad with Raquel's beautiful new release line. First I imagined a vivid colours design but now is the end of August, so I decided to autumn colours. I was using it with a light brown line with a focus on distress oxide new color antique linen. And I tried using soldering metal to the focal point.

First I prepared 6 x 6 inch shadow box as the body and I cut the white paper of the same size around the box. (Before preparing paper I applied white gesso to the box and tried the effect of oxide but I could not get good results.)

I stamped Allison's quote stamp on a tissue paper, and tore it apart then I stuck randomly on the background.

I used white embossing powder by ESC05 leaf stamp, and Tim's Wrinkle-Free technique with oxides on white paper for the box frame.  Also I used PS 66 stencil on the surplus paper with grunge paste, when it dried I stamped ESC 04, ESC 05 stamps by potting soil archival.

The papers for the edges inside the box.

Finally I stamped ESC05 big mushroom on the hot soldering metal and I used alcohol ink and treasure gold. Then I stuck every peaces onto the box.

Raquel's all new stamps are very beautiful and she has posting many useful creations on her blog and youtube site.

Distress Oxide ink always delivers amazing results and entertains me, the combination of colors will spread the imagination. Why don't you try it?
Thank you so much joining me and hope you like it. I look forward to meeting you soon!! 
Etsuko xxx


Well come back!!

Hello friends thank you so much for coming. Over on the PA blog challenge is coming back and Topic 9 is Aqua which you can see fabulous Darcy's intro and many samples is here.  Also there are gorgeous GD's creations.

I made the wood tag using Seth's stamps, wood chip and die.

First of all I collaged with leftover blue colours papers onto the wood tag. And I used grunge paste with harlequin stencil on it. When the grunge paste dried I dripped Inky Pool with water.

Next I painted by Green Patina, Caribbean Sea and Hey Pesto Fresco on the Seth's circle wood chip then I stamped Seth's script and circle stamps with Mermaid and Inky Pool Fresco.

I die cut using Seth's dripping circle die by painted white paper. Cut the piece of copper and embossed the surface, painting Sharpie black and using embossing powder white by 'reverie' stamp. Stuck the all items on the wood tag. Finally I made spiral wire and stuck the upper.  

Always fascinated by aqua and I would like to make a satisfying aqua work.

Thank you again for stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Etsuko xx


Bois de Boulogne

Hello friends and welcome.

I made the piece using Scrapcosy's dahlia bouquet stamp.

I've used gesso onto the chipboard and using brayer by fresco paints. Once it dried I stamped by PA Linda's stamps it is the background. Next I stamped gorgeous Scrapcosy's dahlia bouquet onto the craft paper bag and filled with infusions. Finally I used Scrapcosy's stencil with mixed grange paste and fresco little black dress, and I stuck these laces. 
Thank you so much stopping by and have a nice days.

Etsuko xxx


Happy crafting.

Hello friends and welcome here.
I have been absent from my blog for while.
Recently I had inflammation in the intestine and I was hospitalized for 20 days.
At first it was only sleeping with a strong pain, but as pain gradually faded, I wanted going home early and doing craft.
Now almost I have recovered. And I made these when I was feeling well.

 Using infusions for the background and the new stamp is Lynne Perrella.

 Tim's tiny houses, I have used PA Scrapcosy stamps and Distress Oxide.

I have made the small hanger with Kim's stamps, also I used PA advertising postcards.
 Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a happy crafting days. see you soon!!

Etsuko xx


Solder and wax photo frame

Hello friends and welcome.
Good weather goes on every year in May here and we will enter Golden Week in Japan from tomorrow, various national holidays overlap and it is almost a week long holidays. We will not go on a trip this year, but we are planning to go fish fishing and pottery festival. Anyway, crowds of homecoming and travel will start from this evening.
Today I have made photo frame using solder and wax.
The heart made spot with solder and I painted a rust color to it but I need a iron rust patina.

I have coated the frame with bee wax then I stuck the heart and copper.
Finally I stamped the script and rubbed with crayons.
I did not satisfy but I will do it again.
Thank you so much stopping by. Have a happy craft days.
Etsuko xxx


Still my solder life

Hello everyone and welcome here.
The weekend has got closer the end here. Have you all enjoyed it?
I have made this after I went to a flower shop. Using solder and bee wax.

This is wall hanger made a few days ago

I will also make it tomorrow, my soldier life still going on.
Thank you so much stopping by, have a nice weekend. See you soon.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog Topic#6 resin---Timeworn Necklace

Hello everyone and welcome here.
It's wonderful to be back here on the PA blog tonight. I've chosen to share with you a Timeworn Necklace project.
I wanted to make an accessories using Seth's new stamps and wood chips with resin.
Seth is showing off his wonderful ideas and techniques around the world at his workshops, of which twice was a workshop organized by PA. His blog -the altered page- contains an introduction of his fabulous works and artists active in the world. I am always inspired by his creations.

I thought about how to configure them for the necklace top before I tried to use the Seth's wood-chips and the Relics & Artifacts Tribe.

After that I used Seth's technique to paint by Seth set-2 and Blood Orange, Caribbean Sea and Pumpkin Soup Fresco paints. Once them dried I did embossing ivory and copper enamels on each wood-chips with Seth ESA03 stamps.

Add the same amount of AB resin solution to be used to the cup, add 2 drops of the tint color and gently mix it. Leave it for about 5 minutes until the bubbles disappear.

A brush with the resin solution on the Relics & Artifacts Tribe and leave it for about a whole day and night until it is completely dry.

Embossing the Relics & Artifacts Tribe cameo for the focal point by Ice Resin enamels ivory. I planed to make it the same color as the previous two R & A T, but as the whole got little dark then I decided to use on the ivory embossing powder that was not pure white.

I layered the lace colored with Infusion Terracotta and Magenta on the tag and joined all the other items.

Next step is the chain making, I was planning the necklace string which a silk fabric dyed with Infusions, and I wanted to make it as natural as possible to entwine the chain. However there was no hand-held chains to fit with fabric, so I changed my mind and I made it to the handmade chain only.

This time I applied infrared rays using UV resin, the time to dry only 5 minutes. The finish looks like a rusty charm.

 This is the finish of the chain by connecting beads and charms.

And here it is all put together.

I tried making the bracelet with a dyed silk fabric when I could not make. 
The project to play with Seth's items was a great fun, I was absorbed in making and almost forget to take photos. I'm not fully give up to make the fabric accessories and I'll try again.
Thank you so much joining me and hope you like it. I look forward to meeting you soon!! 

Etsuko xxx