PaperArtsy Topic4 'Image Transfer' and second entry.

Hello Friends and welcome here.
Over on the PA Topic 'Image Transfer' to my second entry. The Fabulous samples on the challenge blog is HERE.
I made the tag for my second entry, I brayed by Fresco Captain Peacock, Zucchini, Snow Flake, Pixie Dust and Limelight onto the tag. Also I printed lady's image by printer onto the copy paper. Then I stuck the image by gel medium onto the tag.

When the image paper dried I sprayed with water onto the paper . And I rubbed it until the image appears. This is the tis time transfer.
After the transfer finished I stamped Emma's EEG14 and Sara's ESN13 stamps by some Archival ink onto the tag. Finally I stamped Emma's EEG13 fab sentiment on the lady's cheek by Archival Jet Black then I added the ribbon and the embellishment.

Thank you so much stopping by and have a great weekend all!!
Etsuko xxx



PaperArtsy Topic4 'Image Transfer' and my entry.

Hello Friends and welcome to here.
PA stuffs are very busy at the CHA in UK, however Leandra has delivered live video every morning. I appreciate her very much.
Over on the PA blog Topic4 is 'Image Transfer' and many wonderful samples is HERE.
I start to the very simple way of the transfer, I printed the image by printer and I transferred onto the fabric by gel medium.
Next I used A4 white stamping card  to collaged some left over paper. Then I painted White Gesso and Clear Gesso.

I sprayed pink and gold mica powder with water then I stamped EEA01 new stamps by Zucchini Fresco and Archival Jet Black. Also I was splashing and dripping by Fresco South Pacific and Snow Flake.
I stitched the edges of the transferred fabric, place the wax paper and the lace under the fabric and glued onto the background.  I stamped 'blessing' letter onto the piece of the A4 white stamping card by Archival then glued the fabric.
Feel like missing something but I stopped here.

Thank you so much stopping by have a nice days and see you soon....
Etsuko xxx


Paris....but It is the stamps playing.

Hello friends and welcome here.
I made the background that I used Fresco new colours Coral, Bubble Gum, Zucchini, Teresa Green and more. And I used Darcy new PS030 stencil to the edge. It was beautiful colours graduation but that was simple then I stamped, stenciled, and color washed. So I did so much distress and I couldn't calculate the right moment.

I used Sara  ESN16 and some Hot picks stamps.
Finally I completed but It was not satisfied. 
I'll try again.

Thank you stopping by and Have a stunning weekend.
Etsuko xxx

Using the new PA JOFY' stamps.

Hello friends and welcome.
Today I just played with PA Jofy's new stamp.
I really want to use the new JOFY42 and JOFY21, JOFY24, JOFY12 using these around the the new. 
First I used half of the 8x8 gray board and I made the crack to use Crackle Glaze  in between Fresco Space Cadet and Chalk. I then stamped Ellen's EEV02 and JOFY36 by Fresco Zucchini and Winter Green. This is the background.
Next I stamped JOFY42, JOFY24 and JOFY21 onto the smoothy white paper and piece of book paper. I painted them by Fresco new colours Coral, Bubble Gum and more, then I fussy cut them and glued onto the background.
Jofy's girls are so cute, another girl will be some other time.

Thank you so much stopping by and see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx

PaperArtsy Emma Godfrey's new stamp products.

PaperArtsy Emma Godfrey's new stamp products.


PaperArtsy Topic 3 'Wax' Challenge.

Hello friends and welcome here.
The PaperArty topic 3 is 'Wax' the fortnight, I had use a wax only partially and I didn't know the exact use. Also Lin Brown is really great tutorial in this blog, she is presenting a great samples. I was very inspired by her and I play along with her gorgeous new flower stamp.
No1 I used the Grey Board 5 x7" , painted white gesso onto the surface then I collaged some tissue papers and painted clear gesso again.
When it dried I waxed the entire by the bee wax.

No2 I stamped fabulous flower ELB25 and Hot Picks HP1109, HP1503 onto the tissue paper and white stamping card then I painted including the new color Fresco. I attached it on the background by heat tool.
I tried to stencil but it wasn't good result then I was erased them.  I tried some other techniques these were same result. That is my future challenges.
Finally I stamped Harlequin mini stamp and Hot Picks word by new gold Fresco and StazOn Jet Black.  Painted edges with a crayon.
This is the panel what I did.

Thank you so much stopping by and see you soon.
Have a great craft days.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Topic 2 2016 'Hearts'

Hello friends and welcome, I am somehow weakness also end the PA long nights.
I decided to challenge for PaperArtsy topic 'hearts' that I had given up.  Oops! the rest 2 hours.
So sorry I did very short description. I used hanging-chunky-board and Hot pics HP1109, Emma Godfrey's EEG13 stamps and Full Heart Die.
This is what I did.

Thank you so much stopping by have a nice day.
Etsuko xxx


NEW {Feb 2016} Eclectica³ Darcy

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NEW {Feb 2016} Eclectica³ Lin Brown

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NEW {Feb 2016} Eclectica³ Sara Naumann

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NEW {Feb 2016} Eclectica³ Kay Carley Stamps

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NEW {Feb 2016} JoFY Stamps

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2016 PaperArty February New Release Leandra's Demo No2

2016 PaperArty New products tutorials by Leandra.

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Wanderlust week2 Kate Crane 'accordion album'

Hello friends and welcome.
I was little bit busy and I couldn't finish to my program. Finally I did final work for week2 Kate Crane 'accordion album'.

Kate Crane's album had one pocket and more adding pages but mine is only one pocket and one card. Materials are cotton fabric, unbleached water paint paper, Fresco paints(Beach Hut, Irish Cream, limelight and Wisteria) white gesso, color pencils,  Jofy, Emma and Darcy PaperArtsy stamps and some stencils.
First I made the cover but the corners did not well. I left it then I painted the page and the card by white gesso. I painted 4 frescos and white gesso randomly onto the page and the card. When these dried I was doodling and stenciling with some color pencils and Purple Rain fresco. Finally I stamped jofy's lovebird and Darcy's puma. I painted them by Inktense, cut them and glued onto the page and card.

first page

        second page

third page
                    opposite side page
                                                    I jointed the papers here that was not 
                                                     enough length for the accordion page.

card in the pocket ( open )

                          card in the pocket (close)
                     front cover 
                    back cover

Thank you so much stopping by I'll go for next program.
Have a wonderful craft days!!

Etsuko xxx


New PaperArtsy Products {Feb.2016} Emma Godfrey

Hello everyone and welcome, I'm Etsuko is here, messy and lovely goodies from my craft room in Japan. 
PaperArtsy will be announced new products during this 7-days, it's so exciting!! 
And I have received an offer of the new stamp samples from Emma Godfrey at the end of the last year. I am very honored, of course I was ready answer. Emma's new products theme are Love, Art and Bloom, these are most important sprit for us. Also the beautiful new stamp collections are useful and freely.
This is the PaperArtsy new release Video the third night. Please take your time.
PaperArtsy blog is here.

1st  I want to made some tricky album then I chosen the way of the  double slider card. I made two slider card then I glued it to the vertical. 
I made masterpieces by Caribbean Sea, Orchid, Limelight and Inky pool Fresco Finish onto the Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white stamping card. I then stamped EEG14 Emma's new collection by Orchid Fresco.  Others to make a three masterpieces I used the EEG13, EEG15 stamps to each by Fresco Zesty ZingLimelightOrchid and Caribbean Sea. Finally was attached to the center that I made the big yellow flower with masterpieces by EEG14.
I fussy cut the letter 'LOVE', embossed by silver color then I glued background corners.

This is closed.

2nd. mini card by masterpieces. I stamped EEG14, EEG15EEG13 and EEV05 by Inky pool and some Archival Ink. I love the pretty size card.

3rd.  I found the fantastic neon art picture, it reminds me of the Andersen’s 'The Snow Queen' as a child. I did collage the cut of small masterpieces and EEG15 cut of the small dots onto the background.  Also I stamped EEG14 wriggling line and dripped 
Fresco Inky pool. I then used the EEG15 lovely circle with Caribbean Sea , Zesty Zing Fresco, fussy cut and attached with Prima ribbon. The small flower made by shrink plastic.

4th 5th are Tags. This tag is all collage. and EEG14 flower made by shrink plastic.
Big heart is EEG13 and embossed the words. 

This background is cracked, and added SnowflakeInky pool Fresco.

I'm very pleasure to introduced my samples in the PaperArtsy video.
And It was very fun to made them.
Thank you so much Leandra and Emma. 
Thank you so much stopping by.
Have a wonderful craft days.

Etsko xxx