Week6 for the 52 Playing cards FB

Hi everyone!!  Thank you so much welcome to here.
It is snowing since morning, covering 2cm and melted so quickly lol. It's a crafting day!!!
I made 2 cards for the FB group.
The card used all leftover pieces and the blurred woman is the result of using rust powder.

The monster card for Valentine's day. I love the stamp( Elena's Mini ZN13 ) that he is so cute.

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx


Flaming Hearts frame and Coquille ring.

Hi everyone welcome to here.
I finished the Sandra's Flaming Hearts what I was making before hospitalization and quite big coquille ring by Coquille

Flaming Hearts frame using 4x4 wooden frame, I wanted cobalt blue on the heart and to finish the whole with a blue gradation.

The coquille ring made yesterday. At first I thought about making something accessories with this shellfish,  I planned a bracelet, necklace and ring but I decided to ring from the size. It was a bit big for a ring but I thought it was fun. 
I made it close to a shell color but one more thing I would like to have a bright color. 

Thank you so much stopping by see you soon!!

Etsuko xx

Birthday card day4.

Hi every one, A cold day continues here in Japan, how about in your country?
I made Birthday card day4 with fabulous Jofys stamp Jpfy53.
I used infusions for background and Jofy's flower's base. Also using Lin's stencil PS044 and Raquel's stamps ESC09, ESC04.

Thank you so much for dropping by, see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx