Wall Hanging with Lynne Perrella stamps--PaperArtsy blog post

Hi everybody. At last, in December 2018 has become a little more and you are busy season for preparation for Christmas.
This is last post of the year for PaperArtsy blog and theme is Matchbox Art.
And I am very pleased that I posted an article here tonight. I used PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella's new fabulous stamps--These stamp series are a wonderful themes of ancient Egyptian art.
please drop in for a while.

I will make more works with this wonderful stamps and post it here.
Thank you so much for stopping by--see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx


Love Artist Trading Coins. Part two- Sandra Evertson's 'Relics & Artifacts'

Hello Everybody. This time using  Sandra Evertson  Art stamps and finished with collage and multicolor for these coins.

One of the fascinations of Sandra's R & A is to be able to turn items into own treasures that captures me. I will make another her 3D resin item soon.
Thank you so much stopping by.
Etsuko xxx

Love Artist Trading Coins. Part one

Hello everybody!! It is fun to make ATC this time. A small world unfolded in a 2.5 inch circle is very fascinating.

These are first I made for PaperArtsy blog using Sara Naumann's stamps and stencil. Stamps: ESN26, ESN27   Stencil: PS090

These are second coins using Lynne Perrella new stamps what I made.

Lynne Perrella new stamps: LPC38, LPC39, LPC40

Thank you so much dropping by.

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge Topic 19 Tissue Paper

Hello everybody, Today I have challenged to PaperArtsy blog challenge, that theme  is Tissue Paper which you can see here. I made this using Leandra's technique when I started craft. And I remembered that I was very excited her demo.

First I stamped Darcy 's stamps on tissue paper, painted from the back and all covered with Snow Flake on it, so that the background could not be seen through.
I ripped the stamped edge of the tissue paper with water and pasted with matt gel onto the ATCoins. It was unsatisfied. with only three coins so I made a background using Grunge Paste and Fresco Paint on 10 Tag and pasted these coins.
These are three coins detail. 

Also I challenged Country View Challenge 'Artist Trading Coins'.
Thank you so much dropping by see you soon!!  Have a nice day all.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic18 Stamp Platform

Hi everyone,  Today, and I'd like to share with you PaperArtsy my Shift project using Stamp Platform with Courtney's favorite stamps. 

It was so exiting when Tim Holtz first introduced the Stamp Platform on Youtube, and before that I used a T-shaped tool for positioning but I could not do a variety of work like this. I am using it for most work now. Also I am very happy that Lynne Perrella's delicate stamps and stamps can be cleanly stamped without fail.
First I wanted to use it for positioning, so I set the quilting section sheet down to the Platform.
To use it stamp directly on the sheet, set the paper under it, remove the sheet and stamp it on the paper. 
Next is a method of shifting the stamp and making a shadow. Here I move the paper with the position of the stamp intact, first stamp the orange shadow, move the paper to the upper left, change the color to brown and stamp. To make a shadow of the same width, move the stamp and the paper repeats the shift at the same position as shown above.

I used Halloween stamps by Hot Picks HPHW02  https://shop.paperartsy.co.uk/hot-pick---halloween-02-3751-p.asp
HPHW04   https://shop.paperartsy.co.uk/hot-pick---halloween-04-3755-p.asp

I used these Fresco Finishs -- Twilight, Double Denim, Venice Blue, Steel Gray, Glacier Ice.
These are very cool blue colours.
This is a continuous pattern of the same interval. Make a measuring tape that calculates the pattern and spacing, while moving the paper by each one graduation line then repeat stamp on the paper.

 This is a process of making the stamp fixed and pink heart.  It is a simple technique, but it is difficult to stamp many times in the same place.

The background was darker than pink, so firstly I used white and pink on it, added a little distress and finished with Seth's bee wax baked texture.

I was very enjoy this project wth Courtney's images, Stamp Platform is very convenient tool and I think that it is an innovation in the recent craft party. I think there are still techniques to use this tool as much as possible. I am looking forward to seeing everybody blog challenge. 

Thank you so much. see you soon!!


2018 Topic 15: Graphical Artist Trading Coins :

Hi everyone, today I'd like to share with you Artist Trading coins by Sara Nawmann's stamps that PaperArtsy challenge blog which you can see here.
Lovely Sara new stamps are very abstract images and I collaged graphical designs for these coins. 

First I've used images from the Sara Naumann's new stamp set ESN26,

and ESN27 set. 

Also I've used new Fresco Paints. Koala, Peach Nectar, Surf's Up, Pine Grove, Twilight.
and Chalk.

I made three masterboards with a new Fresco Paints and Chalk and Sara's new stamps for backgrounds. 

I using Peach Nectar, Surf's Up, Koala Chalk Fresco and Grunge Paste and Sara's new stamp set ESN27.

Randomly brayered with Koala and Chalk Fresco.

Stenciled Sara's PS090 with Peach Nectar and brayered with Twilight.

I made embellishments to use for collage and made it texture with glossy Accents and Glass Beads Gel. Small stamps are made and used like this when there is time.

I've used ESN26, ESN27 new image and lovely heart from ESN11. 

Yellow star from ESN13 colours are Lavender + Eggplant, Limelight and Bougainvillea Fresco. Although it does not have to trim but I add if there are many white parts on the card.

Layers colours are Twilight, Peach Nectar and Pine Grove.

When the focal point decided for each coin, I collaged those embellishments. Here I placed 6 type layout coins, but you can make various coins by changing layers and colors. 

The collage making images is very fun, but making it in a circle has another interesting. This is going to be an addiction. 
Why do not you everyone make it? I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful coins!!

Have a fun!! 

Etsuko xxx


Play with PaperArtsy Seth's stamps 2.

Hello everybody I've made second piece by Seth's stamps.

This time I want to make background with PA Fresco paints and flowed Seth's tutorial. I made three background sheets and I used two pieces here. The central background I based a dark color and roughly painted an opaque thin color on the base then stamped color close to white. This is the background of the first piece.

I stamped the image of Seth on that background and collaged several pieces and used UTEE on it. Then I used Baked Textures as an antique monocle for the focal point and made rust and stuck it. Finally I pointed 'possible' from book piece.
I'll continue this work. Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!! 

Etsuko xxx