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Hi everyone, I’m here to share with you lovely hanging for ways to use fabulous stamps by Nicci Bttilana.

My original planned to just put her inside the dome, but it was not interesting enough, so I decided to make it an interactive wall hanging that someone could swing it from time to time.

I took a very fun Stephanie Rubiano workshop on shrink plastic a while back. I made these using that technique as a reference. This is the swinging wall hanging. The cute Nicci's stamps image was a little big to shake around inside the dome, so I decided to use a shrink plastic material. Now I will show you the process of making it.

These are stamps and paints used in my project. Nicci Bttilana Set 01,07 (ENB01, ENB07 ), PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Red Lipstick, Cerulean and Banana. 

This time I used shrink plastic for inkjet printers. First, stamp the image on the paper and paint it with a light color diluted with water. (The finish on the shrink plastic will be darker than the original color.) The image is then scanned into the computer, saved as a .jpg file extension, and printed on the shrink plastic using image printing software. Cut these images.

If you do not have plastic for inkjet printers, you can use regular plastic. First, the back side is sanded with a fine sander and the Nicci image is stamped on the front side, which is then dried and colored with colored pencils from the sanded back side. The piece is then cut and baked in a toaster oven until it shrinks, then removed and flattened with a tile or similar. After the heat is removed, paint the back side with white paint.

These are then taken out of the oven and joined together at the T-pin where they have cooled. I went with T-pin because it is adjustable to swing the doll.

The plastic will shrink by about 40% after heat treatment, and the color will be darker than the original as you can see as shown in the photo below. Now that the cute kitty is done, I move on to the next action.

Moving on to the blog topic Specimen Jar, I decided to use new Gwen Lafleur set 26 (EGL26) cloche/dome stamp and put Nicci Battilana set 01 and 07 (ENB01, ENB07) Cat in it. I painted with the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic, Banana (FF196) from the cloche/dome shape outward on the paper in gradient tones.
Surface of that paper I decorated the ENB07 skulls with Ranger Distress Oxide in fossilized amber around the cloche/dome .

PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic, Slimed(FF)and Teresa Green(FF) was applied to the Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card and the top of the ENB01 bone was stamped in Ranger Archival Emerald green and cut to create the side decoration.

For the wall framing, tear off pieces of the PaperArtsy Printed Tissue and apply the surface of the Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card. I then painted with a diluted layer of gesso.

I applied PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic, Blue Lagoon and Midnight randomly on the paper for a little variety. 

The frame is trimmed with white gel pen and red posca to create a slightly fun atmosphere.

The top of the frame is embossed with red embossing powder in VersaMark on the tissue with ENB07 quote.

The background of the box for the swing cat doll was painted with a watered-down coat of Blue Lagoon on paper pasted with the same PaperArtsy Printed Tissue used for the frame. This Tissue is a useful that will have many uses in the future.

A swinging cat was suspended in the upper box using T-pins, and acetate was used for the glass surface of the cloche dome.

I added a few embellishments to complete it, here the spider in ENB01.

Dounia Large Mini MN114 labels were added.

Now let me show you how swinging it is!

I had so much fun making this project that I made a pendant using a small cloche/dome. Instructions for making this cute cloche/dome miniature doll can be found on Stephanie Rubiano's Freebies site.

The baby-batman made with ENB01 and ENB07 was the perfect size for this small cloche/dome. 

Compare the size to these coins. The left side is 10 pence-UK and the right side is 1dollar-US.

To make the doll stand in the dome, small nails are painted white and attached to the legs; to make it sit, small cubes are used and attached to the pedestal.  Glass glitter and beads are then laid on the base.

It is a cute finish and would make a great gift for children.

Shrink plastic material was not too difficult to produce, as I am sure you are familiar with using it often. And it was fun to use the Nicci stamps to create a moving puppet, and there are two other sets of paper puppet stamps that can be combined to make them dance in a tag or journal.
Thank you so much for visiting.
Etsuko xxx


PA Blog Topic #4 Interactive


Hi everyone,
I'm here to share with you very fun project 'Carousel Book' in PaperArtsy blog. Thank you so much Dounia for suggesting this, I got very carried away while making it. 

I still remember when I was a little girl and for Christmas I was given a three-dimensional picture book of Hansel and Gretel and The Little Mermaid. I decided to create this Carousel Book based on the happy memories of turning the pages of the book over and over again to enter a fantasy world. Today's C-Book is only 4 pages long, so it's perfect for creating short stories to share with young children and grandchildren. Also PaperArtsy has a range of many fun stamps and stencils to help you create your book.

First of all I will let you know the size of the three sheets of paper that will be used as the base, I make them 30% off the actual YouTube size for the size of the stamp.
you can see the YouTube site here, There you will find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make it in the video. Step1-I made two sheets of paper in sizes A, B and C as shown in the diagram below.

Fold each piece of paper like an accordion in the mountains and valleys so that there are four sections, excluding the tabs. Then cut the shaded areas as shown in the diagram and glue them together as described. The original size in the video was quite large, so he designed it in half the size and then glued it together, but my size is not so obtrusive that I started with the connected.

Now that I had a base for my book, I was looking forward to designing and decorating it. This is the shortest piece of A-paper in the front window and I made to go with a happy colour. I thought I would use a sponge rather than Jelly plate to apply with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Tangerine Twist (FF190), Banana (FF189) and Persimmon (FF196) in a random order. After the paints has dried I stamped Gwen Lafleur Set 23 (EGL23, ELG06 ) by Ranger Archival Ink Sepia and Watering Can. 

The second and third papers (B, C,) were sponged with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic-Blue Oyster (FF99), A Bit Fishy (FF208) and Cerulean (FF200). Afterwards when it was dry, I stamped the Gwen Lafleur Set 04, 11, 23 ( EGL04, EGL11, EGL23 ) for the scene on each page with Ranger Distress Oxide (salty ocean, Peacock feathers). The B paper in the middle was decided to be the same blue as C after adding each scene and character.

The middle part of the book is closed with a nylon thread to prevent it from falling apart. The visible paper-clipped ends were later covered with small magnets.
When the three pieces of paper are connected and viewed from above, they form a cross like this.

The tribal stamps image on each window and the other decorative stamps image in the centre and in the background were coloured with colour pencils which I love and use a lot in small materials these days.

All the parts are now attached.

This is the finished book.

Let's take a look at each page.--For the harmony of all the animals, plants, fishes, oceans, mountains and people of the earth--I named Nature Land for the book.

Also I thought it would be better to have a case for this book. The case dimensions can be found at the top of this blog.

I was going to use a gel print image for the background, but I wanted it to be a bit thicker, so I thought it would be better to stamp it with a few stamps of paint. Here I used Gwen Lafleur Set 02,03,12 ( EGL02, EGL03 and EGL12 ) with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic-Jade (FF192), Gumboots (FF121), Deep Sea (FF182), Cerulean (FF184) and Southern Skies (FF191).

I have splat some water and used Seth Apter's Baked Texture Dirty Sand. 

Next I made the back side, I stamped EGL02 with Ranger Distress Oxide antique linen on the black card stock then I made splatter by turquoise embossing powder.
The two sheets of paper were then laminated together.

Also I made the border, using EGL03 with Ranger embossing powder liquid platinum on the vellum.

Finally, a focal point butterfly was created, fussy cut and attached to the front cover using 3d foam with the words Nature Land. The last tab of the case is fitted with a magnet to close the case.

With this project I have learned how to make another fun book. I'm going to try to make a few of these as they can be adapted to different sizes and with different pages, so if you're interested in making one, please go ahead and make one! Thank you for visiting here today, I hope you enjoyed this.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog 2022 Topic#1 Opposites Attract Dark Orange & Turquoise.

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko (My favorite things) with you today, and I'm here to share with you Opposites Attract, Dark Orange & Turquoise.

The relationship between complementary colors is very dramatic and energetic, and my choice of Dark Orange and Turquoise here is a color combination that has always fascinated me. I used this combination to create The flip tags folder that was inspired by lovely Gwen Lafleur's. Mainly I used here are talented Tracy Scott's stamps, stencils and her Fresco Chalk Acrylic colours.

First, I will show you the outline of The flip tags folder in the JIF image.

Now I did to make a master board for the folder using Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card. In this case, paint both sides with different colors of turquoise and orange, I was careful not to smudges on both side.  I used gel-plate with Fresco Chalk Acrylic (cerulean, sargasso, deep sea) and Tracy Scott set (TS187) stencil to make the one side, after it's dry I stamped Tracy Scott set (TS064) fern in Ranger Distress Oxide (faded jeans) to keep it down all. 

For the interior of the folder, I used very inspired Autumn's Vaselin technique
I applied Vaseline to the TS064 flower and randomly stamped it on the other side of paper, sprinkled Infusion (Orange County) on it, sprayed it with water and dried it with a heat tool.  I was worried that the Vaseline would be sticky later, but it was completely dry.

Turn the A4 paper sideways and fold 5 cm from the bottom, then glue both sides of it. Now the folder is complete.

Next, I worked on the tags. I used mainly Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Cerulean, Sargasso, Deep Sea and Nougat) and PS242, PS187 and PS208 to make the base of the tag with gel-plate on the Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card. (I always enjoy making a lot of gel-plate, but I keep the leftovers in stock.)

For the orange theme, I painted Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Cerise, Firebird, Tangerine and Banana) on another Smoothy (Heavyweight) A4 white card, then stamped Tracy Scott set 64 (TS064) on top of it and used colored pencils to create shading and fussy cutting. Also made pieces to stamps on white paper and use colored pencils.

I also did a couple of kinds stamping on vellum paper with Ranger Embossing powder (White) .

The tags were laid out in roughly this process. The size of the tag was 14 cm long, 6 cm wide, cut in the upper part. Lay out each piece, add the Alison Bomber quotes, back it with thick black cardstock, tie the fibers together, and voila!!

The first tag-Adding Tracy Scott mini (EM57) with Ranger Archival Ink (Jet Black). Quote from Alison Bomber set (EAB07) with Ranger Embossing powder (White).

The second tag- For the tag background I used Tracy Scott stencil (TS209) with Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Deep Sea) and also stamped the Tracy Scott set Clock (TS057) with Ranger Distress Oxide (faded jeans). I added orange blossoms and vellum flowers to the focal point and top and bottomAlison's quote is from the Alison Bomber set (EAB01).

The third tag- I'v used Tracy Scott stencil (PS224) with mixed Fresco Chalk Acrylic (Deep Sea and Snow Flake) and Tracy Scott mini (EM60) Ranger Embossing powder (White). Tracy Scott set (TS064) paisley for the focal point and vellum flowers. And Alison Bomber set (EAB03) quote.

The last tag- I used Tracy Scott set (TS055) small mandala and Ellen Vargo set (EEV05) with Ranger Distress Oxide (faded jeans) to the background, and added some focal point flower and fern and ended with a nice quote from the Alison Bomber set (EAB09).

These are all four tags.

And these are the detailed images of the flip tags folder.

I used this Tracy Scott (TS064) stamp as the centerpiece, the same goes for added Tracy's stencil for variety, and added the Alison Bomber quotes to give it meaning.
Tracy's work matches the vivid colors of this complementary color scheme, making it a fun project to work on. If you like this project, please give it a try too. xx