2018 Topic 15: Graphical Artist Trading Coins :

Hi everyone, today I'd like to share with you Artist Trading coins by Sara Nawmann's stamps that PaperArtsy challenge blog which you can see here.
Lovely Sara new stamps are very abstract images and I collaged graphical designs for these coins. 

First I've used images from the Sara Naumann's new stamp set ESN26,

and ESN27 set. 

Also I've used new Fresco Paints. Koala, Peach Nectar, Surf's Up, Pine Grove, Twilight.
and Chalk.

I made three masterboards with a new Fresco Paints and Chalk and Sara's new stamps for backgrounds. 

I using Peach Nectar, Surf's Up, Koala Chalk Fresco and Grunge Paste and Sara's new stamp set ESN27.

Randomly brayered with Koala and Chalk Fresco.

Stenciled Sara's PS090 with Peach Nectar and brayered with Twilight.

I made embellishments to use for collage and made it texture with glossy Accents and Glass Beads Gel. Small stamps are made and used like this when there is time.

I've used ESN26, ESN27 new image and lovely heart from ESN11. 

Yellow star from ESN13 colours are Lavender + Eggplant, Limelight and Bougainvillea Fresco. Although it does not have to trim but I add if there are many white parts on the card.

Layers colours are Twilight, Peach Nectar and Pine Grove.

When the focal point decided for each coin, I collaged those embellishments. Here I placed 6 type layout coins, but you can make various coins by changing layers and colors. 

The collage making images is very fun, but making it in a circle has another interesting. This is going to be an addiction. 
Why do not you everyone make it? I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful coins!!

Have a fun!! 

Etsuko xxx


Play with PaperArtsy Seth's stamps 2.

Hello everybody I've made second piece by Seth's stamps.

This time I want to make background with PA Fresco paints and flowed Seth's tutorial. I made three background sheets and I used two pieces here. The central background I based a dark color and roughly painted an opaque thin color on the base then stamped color close to white. This is the background of the first piece.

I stamped the image of Seth on that background and collaged several pieces and used UTEE on it. Then I used Baked Textures as an antique monocle for the focal point and made rust and stuck it. Finally I pointed 'possible' from book piece.
I'll continue this work. Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!! 

Etsuko xxx


Play with Seth Apter's goodies.

Hello everybody, I've played Seth Apter's Stamps and Baked Textures.
These stamps are a prize of PA Challenge, I'm very lucky. I tried using them with Baked Textures. At first the background did not go well and almost gave up and finally I got it. After that the layer from Seth's stamp was going smoothly.
This is what I made.

 I made rust by using Baked Textures -- Chunky Rust, Rocky Road, Patina Oxide as a keyhole stamp. It seems really rust!! 

I use Deep Sea for this character it is beautiful with three-dimensional  and glossy.

Seth's stamp set can be variously combined and I will making again. Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!

Love Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Scrapcosy new stamps 'Tag Tea Book'

Hi everyone, Today I’d like to share with you ’Tag Tea Book’. Although we usually use a fixed shop or tea  brand for green tea, but I buy various brands of black tea.
So I decided to create Tea Book and Baked Textures of the theme using a new Beautiful Raquel' stamps and stencils.
And I made the texture of pottery with embossed powder as she had done to Raquel 's fabulous tea cup stamps.

This book used 10 Tags and every tags was distressed with Vintage Photo Oxide.
First I used embossing powder Gold for ESC 09 frame, ESC 16 quote and tea branch and made a front cover, also I used clear powder twice on the quote.

First pages, paste the tea bag who drunk at that time. The background I used grange paste on the stenciled PS106 by Vintage Photo Distress Ink.
Where opened the tea bag page, I layered many leftover and put on the ESC 15 teacup for the focal point. Teacup : I panted Vintage Lace Fresco and stenciled PS106 by Peach Nectar Fresco then I used Esc15 teacup by gold embossing powder. When teacup and tea flower dried I used clear embossing powder twice. Next I stamped Esc15 tea details in the margin by Vintage Photo Ink.

Second pages are almost the same as first.
Used Esc16 tea branch, tea names and PS108 stencil.
The ESC16 teacup and flowers corner embossed by gold powder on the painted Pine Grove and Snow paper, after fussy cut I embossed clear powder twice too.

I embossed Esc16 stamps tea flowers, spoons and words' by Princess gold on the left page. I stenciled PS108 by Grange Paste on the teabag background. Stamps used for facing page : teacup, spoon and butterfly, ESC16, ESC04. 

 Last Pages : Stamps--ESC16, Esc15  Stencil--PS107

The back cover embossed tea branch and crown by gold powder.
Finally I made the ring with fabric piece and some beads.
Raquel's new releases are absolutely beautiful and flexible, I enjoyed making very happy. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx

PaperArtsy Challenge Blog Topic#14 Baked Textures 'Tea time'

Hi friends Today I'd like to share with you Seth's fabulous Baked Textures using Raquel's beautiful new release. on PaperArtsy challenge blog which you can see Here.
I wanted to use his powder which can make grunge techniques since Seth announced this texture. 
previous powder so far is almost matte, I did not use it much for the work of mixed media. 

This powder melts into the surroundings and creates an interesting texture so it is a lot of fun. I have not done a lot of experiments yet, but please enjoy it.

First decided to make a little panel with Raquel's new stamps and stencil. In the background I made pieces using some Baked Textures and collaged it. Photo Frame and Teacup at Focal Point.

What looks black is Rocky Road - Transparent, uneven and very glossy. Dirty Sand on the black dark tape on the right and on the brown paper below it is Ancient Amber. Stamps are ESA09 set.

I made Baked Texture Skins, although his film was smooth, but my film was many holes. (Left of the photo)

The photo frame I used  Raquel PS106 stencil with Ancient Amber. Since it cooled down I used Vintage Beewax once on it. And finally I used Rocky Road at the edge.

Beautiful Raquel tea cup Esc15, I tried to use Baked Textures but I could not make delicate lines and when I used Vintage Beeswax on top it got blurred.---That was my choice wrong.
I used Twilight Fresco on the base and stamped by some gold embossing powder and clear powder.

I was a lot of fun to play with this powder, and Raquel's beautiful Tea Time series has plentiful stamps and stencils that can make a variety of works.
Baked Textureshas a lot of possibilities and it is interesting to devise it, Please everybody try this challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing it!! 

Thank you so much stopping by!!!
Etsuko  xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge Topic#12 Tansfers.

Hi Everyone. It’s been a while since I've posted PA challenge. Today I was very inspired Alison Bomber's post transfer with Gelli Plate 'The Courage of Your Dreams'.  Fabulous topic and beautiful samples PaperArtsy blog which you can see here
I tried many times to the transfer with Gelli but I was not able to grasp the techniques  easily and repeatedly failed. Finally I found out how to do it and I get closer.
These are some results and not perfect but....

Then I made this for the challenge, her face was sadly finished and I named 'A Queen of sorrow'.

I used Alison's quotes stamps around the queen EAB05, EAB07 and Lynne Perrella stamp LPC033 for the border.
Thank you so much dropping, see you soon.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Blog post Topic10 Paper DollsHi

Hi everyone welcome to my blog and so sorry for I haven't posted it for a long time. Tonight I'd like to share with you what I have made for the 'PaperDoll' topic. 

Long time ago I met a Santos doll in my mother's book and I thought it was a scary doll that was still child. But the more scary the more intriguing and could not forget it. Actually, real dolls are made of wood and ceramics but this theme is paper doll, I decided to make a paper Santos doll what I love it and using PaperArtsy stamps and Fresco paints.

Santos dolls take their name from Spanish word for Saint, their development flourished in Europe in the 1700's and 1800's. Originally, Santos were created for use as in-home altars. They were needed in small villages that did not have a priest, as well as for when it was not possible to travel church, such as during times of war.---from santos cage doll com

I start to made the upper body of the doll and the pattern of the cage. Paper can be made easier than wood and ceramics.

The doll part was made using the 'head' of the Clockwork birds  and the camisole of Hot Pick Set 1214 (HP1214)I collaged the body and costume with this together into one.

I made both hands and painted with Vintage Lace, Toffee and Coral Frescos.

Next I made costume paper.

I added some Seth Apter stamp with Gold Fresco on the blue costume paper. And I created accessories with rhinestone and pearls, also I gave a heart shrine to the hands. I made her crown and collar with yellow paper.

These are the pillars and pedestal patterns of the cage. 

This is the cage pillars and pedestal decoration base. I used Rusty Car, Golden Sands and Sleight Blue Infusions first and stamped HP1102EZ with Coffee Archival finally I used various embossing powders. I glued these and assembled it.

I used Ink the Dog Clocks plate 6 (C6) with Black Archival on the piece of book with Rocky Road Infusion spritzed.

I decorated the interior with the clocks, cut the clocks and I covered With UTEE and hanged them with chain.

It was a favorite topic to do and I very much enjoyed my project. I hope you enjoyed my post and that you will have a go making fun your own Santos Doll. If you look at Santos Doll with Pinterest, various dolls are introduced, please check it out if you like. Thank you so much for join with me. See you soon.

Etsuko xxx