PaperArtsy Blog Topic #3 Mail Art Envelope with ATC Pockets.

Hi everyone,  I'd like to share with you PaperArtsy Topic3 Mail Art  Envelope with ATC Pockets project using Darcy's stamps.
I thought mail art Envelope is a good idea to store ATC. and it's fun to make and fashionable don't you think?

I started by the model of an envelope and these is the size. The dotted line is the folding line and the diagonal line is the margin to paste.

On the outside of the envelope design, I collaged piece of book page on the A4 Smoothy white card, clear gessoing over the surface, and I dropped Caribbean See, Limelight, Chocolate Pudding and Claret Frescos with water.

After cutting the sheet of paper and making it into an envelope, I stamped the character stamp of EDY 20, EDY 23 on washi paper, painted with watercolor paint, stuck to a tear-off envelope, stamped by HP1006 and I roughly painted by white gesso, to finish sprinkled chocolate Pudding. The a string tie closure I used back side paper and embossing EDY09.

On the back side, I using the Gelli Plate, the first layer was made with Green Olive, Green Patina and Chocolate Pudding and Caribbean Sea Fresco, and the second layer using Caribbean Sea Fresco through the Tim's stencil.

After I added to the back side Darcy's EDY20, HP1006 by Archival Jet Black, and  Lin Brown's ELB31 stamp by embossing powder.

I made ATC cards and coins using Darcy's various stamps, these are EDY20, EDY23, EDY05, EM02, EM04, EM14.

My first thought in mail art is a handmade picture postcard, but It would be possible to create works with a wider way of thinking.
I enjoyed a little convenient ATC case and made it, but I could not be satisfied a little because the inside design was a bit heavy this time.
I think you have more wonderful ideas, I'm looking forward to seeing them.
Thank you so much stopping by.
Etsuko xxx


Recently of my work

Hi everyone, here is almost Spring! How is your area?
I made works using various kinds of materials. I am still thinking about what to make from it.

 At first I made a bezel with soldering of copper and embedded the tiny heart from Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts 'Sacre Coeur ' that made of clay. While the solder was hot, I stamped 'Batic' on the solder to make a pattern.

 This piece, I stamped same Relics & Artifacts 'Portugal' on the watercolor paper by watercolor pencils to the background. Then I stuck the stamped 'Burning Heart' on clay. The background paper was torn off with water.

This little shrine is mostly soldered, and the heart inside is the same 'Sacre Coeur' as the first piece. 

She brush-doll is my first one and her face made clay, I used the mold for her face and fix the details. I made it so much fun so I will make another doll again.

Thank you so much dropping by, see you soon.

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Topic#2 'Brayers'

Hi everyone today I'd like share with you PaperArtsy topic#2 'Brayer' with my project. mini tag book 'Flower Dreams'. And which you can see PaperArtsy blog is here. I'm using PaperArtsy wonderful new Brayer with Raquel's fabulous new stamps and stencils. Please check and visit PaperArtsy blog tonight!! 

 Thank you so much for dropping.

Etsuko xxx


Wall Hanging with Lynne Perrella stamps--PaperArtsy blog post

Hi everybody. At last, in December 2018 has become a little more and you are busy season for preparation for Christmas.
This is last post of the year for PaperArtsy blog and theme is Matchbox Art.
And I am very pleased that I posted an article here tonight. I used PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella's new fabulous stamps--These stamp series are a wonderful themes of ancient Egyptian art.
please drop in for a while.

I will make more works with this wonderful stamps and post it here.
Thank you so much for stopping by--see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx


Love Artist Trading Coins. Part two- Sandra Evertson's 'Relics & Artifacts'

Hello Everybody. This time using  Sandra Evertson  Art stamps and finished with collage and multicolor for these coins.

One of the fascinations of Sandra's R & A is to be able to turn items into own treasures that captures me. I will make another her 3D resin item soon.
Thank you so much stopping by.
Etsuko xxx

Love Artist Trading Coins. Part one

Hello everybody!! It is fun to make ATC this time. A small world unfolded in a 2.5 inch circle is very fascinating.

These are first I made for PaperArtsy blog using Sara Naumann's stamps and stencil. Stamps: ESN26, ESN27   Stencil: PS090

These are second coins using Lynne Perrella new stamps what I made.

Lynne Perrella new stamps: LPC38, LPC39, LPC40

Thank you so much dropping by.

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge Topic 19 Tissue Paper

Hello everybody, Today I have challenged to PaperArtsy blog challenge, that theme  is Tissue Paper which you can see here. I made this using Leandra's technique when I started craft. And I remembered that I was very excited her demo.

First I stamped Darcy 's stamps on tissue paper, painted from the back and all covered with Snow Flake on it, so that the background could not be seen through.
I ripped the stamped edge of the tissue paper with water and pasted with matt gel onto the ATCoins. It was unsatisfied. with only three coins so I made a background using Grunge Paste and Fresco Paint on 10 Tag and pasted these coins.
These are three coins detail. 

Also I challenged Country View Challenge 'Artist Trading Coins'.
Thank you so much dropping by see you soon!!  Have a nice day all.
Etsuko xxx