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Hi everyone. Tonight I'd like share with you PaperArtsy blog #14 Topic typography using France Papillon's beautiful stamp set. I did a technique in which letters are gathered together to make the word NATURE. 
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Indian Box post on PaperArtsy Blog

Hi everyone. Now corona pandemic is a difficult time, hope you are fine and have fun crafting.
Tonight I want shared with you PaperArtsy project 'Indian Box' using Gwen's stamps This PaperArtsy Topic is Recycled package, I was using small cardboard boxes.

I using Gwen's stamps are EGL01EGL03EGL06(New), EGL07(New).

First I made box's master board papers and elephant for focal point. And both side embellishments. 

The attached them.

I also decorated the back of the lid as I wanted something.

Finally I made three types clasp  by solder, as you can see, the dent was shallow, so I chose on the left round shape to make the clasp, the cabochon by embossing powder and these gemstones was glued to the solder clasp.

This is the finished box.
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Take care and stay safe and have a happy crafting all!!
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PaperArtsy #3 Topic Mighty Mica to my project.

Hi everyone.
We are in the final chapter of winter, where the sun is warming day by day and the fairies are in a good climate to play. Today I made such a scene of the hanging wall. This blog have posted on PaperArtsy Blog which you can see Here.

This time, PaperArtsy's theme was Mighty Mica, so I mainly used colors mica powder and pearl mica flake for the background.
Unfortunately these photos do not show the mica's satisfactory glow.

This topic used Lin Brown's fabulous stamps ( ELB023, ELB028) and stencils ( PS001).
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My project PaperArtsy Topic# 3 "On This Tag'

Hi everyone.
Here in Japan this winter was warm and this week was like spring, but from tomorrow it will snow and get cold.
Now tonight, I'd like share with my project 'Funky Guys' of the PaperArty Blog Topic # 3 On This Tag, please visit there.
I made several tags using Elena's (Elena ZinskiArt) lovely new mini stamps and Alison's (Words and Pictures) quote stamps.

And more different one.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you like them. 
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PaperArtsy Blog Topic 'A Bit Sparkle ' my project 'Shaker Shrine’ ornament

Hi everyone,  I'd like to share with you PaperArtsy Blog Topic 'A Bit Sparkle ' and  this is my project 'Shaker ornament' with Ink The Dog's stamp on this fortnight topic 'A Bit Sparkle'.

Nearly a year ago, Stephanie Jones Rubiano's online workshop for printing shrink plastic and making a diorama at the shrine was very fresh and fun, so I wanted to share it on this project.
How to make this shrine is explained in detail on the Stephanie site Freebies video.

I have prepared three types of shrines made of MDF: scalloped circle, scalloped oval and heart. Although it is not shown here, it contains each clear acrylic of the same shape for these windows. 

First I stamped each images on a Smoothy A4 white card and
colored then scan it to PC. Next print the images on a white matte A4 shrink plastic. When printing on shrink plastic, the original image will be darker, so set the opacity to 75-50% and make the color a little light before printing. The shrinkage of the plastic is about 50%, and adjust the original image accordingly. Wait until the printed image dries well, cut it with scissors, put it in the oven toaster, and when the shape has shrunk, take it out and apply a little pressure with a tile on a flat surface.

These papers are used for the background and the back of the shrine. I used these colors are Caribbean Sea, Granny Smith, Eggplant Fresco paints and some Distress Oxide and white embossing powder on the smoothy regular A4 white card. And stamps are EM48, MN61, HP1006.

The side and inner layers are seen at the completion of the scalloped circle shrine. The boy's hat and clothes were drawn with colored pencils on the shrink plastic after printing. The MDF in the middle is slightly protruding to receive the acrylic window and I painted it so that the blue color was visible. The outer burnt color remains the same as when purchased, I added silver Dresden Trim. The top scallop circle was painted silver and added with rhinestones. I prepared various materials for the shaker, but for example, mica, glass glitter, sequins, beads, etc., and the good was beads that were not stuck on acrylic window. This size is 2.75”(7cm) circle, 0.6”(1.5cm) depth.

I painted silver color on the top of the scalloped circle and added rhinestones.
, shaker is silver beads.

Stamps used for the background and shrink plastics. EM48, WW4.

On the back of the shrine, I used the same paper as the background, stamped the WW4 script by Distress Oxide Vintage Photo, and embossed Alison's new EAB14 quote on black paper.

I used Glass Blue and Caribbean Sea for the scalloped oval at the top and a golden Dresden Trim on the side. The MDF in the middle parts is gold.
Size is 3.14” (8cm) height, 2.55” (6.5cm) width, 0.6”(1.5cm) depth.

From the front and hologram beads.

Stamp used for shrink plastic-HP1604EZ・HP1506EZ.

The backside, I used Alison's new quote stamp 'Happiness' EAB14.

Heart-shaped ornament, gold leaf on part of the side.
Size is 2.55” (6.5cm) height, 2.75” (7cm) width, 0.6”(1.5cm) depth.

Stamped with MN75 by Jet Black Archival on the smooth white card, cut into heart shapes and stuck it on the top MDF and the gold stars shrink plastic
was added to it. Pearl colored beads are inside.

Stamps used for these plastic-WW5, HP1506EZ and the crown LPC007.

On the back of the shrine I added Alison's new EAB14 quote.

A code was added so that each ornament could be hung on a wall or tree.

This is the last topic this year, and I'm really happy to have a really good time for a year. I'm always happy to be able to do what I want to do while crafting every day,
and I'm constantly struggling with things that don't go well. I always think I can do what I like someday.
Finally thank you for these great idea and fun Stephanie.
Have a great week and Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everyone.
Thank you so much for visiting.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy project Topic 19 Cute Critters

Hi everyone, Today I’d like to share with you Cute Critters Fabric hanging using my favorite Elena's stamps.
I've always been interested in fabric dolls made from Elena stamps by Lauren hatwell, but I don't know how to make dolls of different sizes from the same stamps. And recently I found out on YouTube how to print on fabric with an inkjet printer. OK I do it, from then on, these dolls are really lovable and I can't stop being addicted.

First of all I prepare A4 full sheet sticker paper for inkjet printer and attached to white cloth as not to be wrinkled. The important thing is to choose a printer that drags paper from the top. I stamped lovely new Christmas Elena stamps ZA49.

The images are stamped on white card , scanned, captured on a PC, sized and printed on a cloth. Printer preset--plain paper, gray scale.   Printing quality--high. After printing on the cloth, beforehand iron a cloth so that the ink on the print dose not bleed.

When I started making, I painted all colors on the paper, scanned, printed and finished, but I was not satisfied with the finished colors it was dull. Then I printed only the black outline and applied Fresco paints directly to the cloth with using Stain Glazing matt, the red patterned fabric was pasted with Mod Podge. I used Fresco paints mostly these colors for these critters. Fresco colors-- Mustard PicklePeach Nectar, Chocolate Pudding, Mocha Mousse, Tikka, BuffGlass BlueBougainvilleaTurquoiseEggplantFrench Roast.

I sewed the red wear outline before filling cotton. Then cotton, pressed cotton, adhesive cotton and white cloth were stacked in order and then zigzag sewing machine was applied, I cut the around the doll and attached a string for hang on the top and finished.

This is the finish of Cute Critter, can't stop making them.--ZA49

Making a doll is magical by cutting the shape and adding a little cotton. All of them are small critters of about 13cm, so just putting them in the craft room makes them look fun. It's easy and fun to make stamps. Would you like to make one? 
Thank you so much for visiting. 
Etsuko xxx