Make a paper doll into a fabric doll--02

Hi everyone, really Japan position is very busy Typhoon area this season also we will have next Typhoon tomorrow.
I made two girls with fabric.

Their faces were printed with my own made and the clothes were patchworked with cloth. 
Their original clothes still do not satisfy the color also the clothes made in the collage are flat and not very interesting.when printed,....so I'm still thinking.
Thank you so much for visiting, see you soon.
Etsuko xxx


Make a paper doll into a fabric doll--01

Hi everyone today I made their faces separate from their bodies with fabric as a first step. By doing so, the deformation of the face was reduced. The color printed on the fabric was light so I will adjust it.

After all, because the neck is thin, it cannot be fixed to the dress well, this girl was united with the dress.

And the dress was made from a fabrics collage rather than the original print.
Next, I will devise more like mixed media. 
Thank you so much for visiting, see you soon!! 
Etsuko xxx

More Paper Girls.

Hi everyone, After a while, I made two Papergirls again.

Also I tried making a doll with cloth that I made before , but I wasn't satisfied, I'm trying it now through trial and error. 

Thank you so much dropping by, I will make it today.....See you soon!!
 Etsuko xxx

PaperArtsy blog poso topic#12 'Eyes'

Hi everyone,  I'd like share with you 'Tin Can Name Card Holder' using fabulous Seth's new Mini stamps and collection set stamps which you can see PaperArtsy blog.
I came up with I had a tin can of gas-cooked vintage-style Altoids. It was just the size put a name card, so I planned to use it for this project, and it was also a good idea for Seth's new product mini-stamps.

For this work, I used Seth's stamps and Fresco paints to create a master board, collage it, and more stamped and using Seth's Baked Texture on it.
Thank you so much for visiting and see you soon.
Etsuko xxx


Sunday paper girls.

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice weekend. I would like to enjoy you Sunday paper dolls together as well today. I made new master board then I collaged they out fit, but so sorry I already used some part before shooting.

They are Sunday girls. After making some more body, I would like to make them stuffed dolls. I hope I can do it as I imagined.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Etsuko xxx


Saturday paper girls.

Hi everyone It is a typhoon season in the sea near Japan, and it has been raining since morning today.
Recently I want to learn about colors and composition, and practice collaged colors using a paper doll as a model using Gelli Plate.
These are the girls on the fourth day.
The faces of the girls were handwritten-I wanted to finish as lovely as possible but it was quite difficult-I made a collage using a Jelli Plate to create a master board. I will make it again tomorrow.

Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a happy weekend and see you soon!!
Etsuko xx

PaperArtsy Blog Topic 11 Retro Colour Palettes

Hi everyone I'd like to share with you 'Tea time memo pad' using Raquel's fancy Scrapcosy stamps today at the PaperArtsy blog
I like the design and colours in the 50's and here I expressed it using the collage technique.
Please enjoy the topic with me.

Thank you so much for visiting. 
Etsuko xxx