PaperArtsy Challenge Oriental Tag by Sam Butler.

Hello crafters and welcome to my place.
Over on PaperArtsy blog Oriental Tag by Sam Butler yesterday, I really inspired by her fabulous project Oriental Tag which you can see here.
I had only one sheet by LPC oriental stamp and I never used before.
Today I tried to use it and I played along with her.
I made this the image of Queen of Yamatai Himiko of Japanese oldest.
I used LPC023 LPC022(This is PA's bonus.).
smoothy heavy weight paper , Fresco paint and Treasure Gold.
This is my finished.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy challenge Garden Lantern by Alison Bomber.

Hello crafters and welcome.
I want to make wonderful Alison Bomber's Lantern that her last Christmas project.
Although over on PaperArtsy blog she has been back yesterday and I inspired by her fab Garden Lantern project again, I played along with her and you can see here.
 It was the first time I made something on the jar. I found small jam jar in my kitchen and I used paints fresco onto the jar same as her colours. It went well but....

When I have stamped Darcy's stamps EDY05 EDY06 by Olive Archival,
It is not supported well that bottle was so small and slipped stamp.

But It was lot of fun the project -Thank you Alison!-I'll give it a go!
Thank you stopping by and have a good Easter Day!
Etsuko xx

About Super Slicer

Dear Kezzy,
Thank you for sweet comment on my blog. I'm visiting to your brilliant works on your blog  and I always surprised me that you have challenge new attempt and new items. Also you made fabulous Tiled, It's a very gorgeous!!
I made the very roughly that embellishment.

I used cutter is Studio By Sculpey  'Super Slicer With Comfort Handles'
I bought it a little while ago about £16 for FIMO and I checked Amazon UK.

Studio By Sculpey  'Super Slicer With Comfort Handles'

Little cheep one(I don't know the quality.).

These 4 cutters included, I used 3rd one form the light. Cutters the length are 18cm-16.5cm. One of the straight cutter can be cutting round by bending round.

There are another tools just for reference. 
the stars size are 4.5cm-1.5cm.

 Diameter of the can is 12cm and the brand.

Thank you for stopping by and sorry my poor English.
I'm looking forward your project.  
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge project Hanging Board by Deb Freeman

Hello everyone and welcome my page.
Today is a already friday, so fast  week has gone by...
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Deb Freeman did her beautiful project this week which you can see here.
I was inspired her wonderful background and I played along with her project.
I took hanging-chunky-board and painted Beach Hut, Limelight, Tango Fresco and
used Grunge Paste  with TH stencil.

I then added colours Aquamarine Archival with some TCW's stencil and drew by chalk pastels. I stamped TH stamp by Library Green Archival onto tissue paper then  cut and glued the paper onto the board.

I made some embellishments by paper clay. I stamped LPC030 onto the paper clay and painted Zesty Zing, Tango Fresco and White Fire Treasure Gold.

I stamped ELB05 onto smoothy white card and used Vintage Photo DI.

I used to embossing powder UTEE and Aged Gold the board at the top and bottom.
This is the board of finished. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend
everyone! Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Challenge by Julie Ann Lee project.

Over on the PaperArtsy Blog Julie Ann has been back and lovely her project is here
Julie Ann is always inspired me. Also she made fab mini theatre by her journal. 
But I decided to make mini album cover by her techniques and ideas.
I used 8 x 8 chipboard and covered stamped tissue paper randomly and painted.
 I then die cut TH's frameworks die and used Grunge Paste. That is background.

I've forgotten to take pictures because I was hooked. I stamped LPC027 , painted and I was cut in oval.  I then die cut the leaves, I used shrink plastic by some embellishments. Finally I made the plate and embossing stamped 'Promenade'. I haven't any good woads. 
Thank you stopping by... So sorry, I really can not explain only a messy.
Have a nice weekend. xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Tiled Board with Lynne Perrella Stamps by Sue Carrington}

Hello crafters and welcome.
PaperArtsy,they have been events in Paris now, Wow!!
Over on PaperArtsy blog Sue Carrington posted project Tiled Board which you can see here.  I was inspired by her wonderful project with Lynne Perrella Stamps.
And I thought I try to make board according to her tutorial.
First I made background.

I cut 4 x 4 chipboard for five pieces and covered some book pieces randomly and painted Snowflake, Nougat Fresco.
I then started to stencil using Snowflake Fresco with ELB005, ELB004, ELB002, ELB003. Then it dried I painted Spanish Mulberry and LB new Frescos.
This was my first plan.
But I wanted to use the new stamp, I have change my mind.
And it was a little jumble finished. lol
Thank you stopping by and thank you for always left sweet comments.
Have a nice weekend!! xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Clare Lloyd Project 3 Sentimental

Hello crafters, How was about Mother's Day or April Fool?
Japanese Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Clare Lloyd has been back this week and I was inspired by her pop and stunning project board which you can see here.
I really wanted to play along and I almost followed with her.
I started to paint Guacamole Fresco and it dried stamped ELB05 by Jet Black Archival onto the hanging chunky board small. I then some stenciled with grunge paste.

I then painted Hey Pesto and Limelight Fresco onto the board.
First I die cut Branch, but it was too big then I changed TH die some leaves and some flower. I painted these by Little Black Dress Fresco then dried I stamped ELB05 by Jet Black Archival onto leaves.

Finally I made sentiment plate then I was glued the plate to the top of the board.
But I want to play agin same technique and different idea....
Thank you stopping by, Have a nice craft day. xx