PaperArtsy Challenge blog Topic 16 Beads,Charms and Dangles

Hello friends and welcome.
September starts tomorrow!! Here is morning and evening cool and very comfortable.
Over on the PA blog challenge, this fortnight topic is Beads,Charms and Dangles and wonderful GD projects and samples which you can see HERE.
I wonted to used paper clay and I've made beads.
The base I used Fresco finish and PA white-stamping-card then I've painted stamped and I did collage. I detached the base paper and I were decoration the painted beads in between the paper. Finally I embossed little letter the bottom of the Lynne's lady.

Thank you so much stopping by, see you soon!!
Have a nice day all.

Etsuko xxx


From Twitter PA Leandra's demo and her samples 2016_8

PaperArtsy Leandra's Sample no.1

PaperArtsy Leandra's Sample no.2

From Twitter PA demo 2016_8

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="ja"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">LIVE on <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Periscope?src=hash">#Periscope</a>: New stamps from <a href="https://twitter.com/PaperArtsy">@paperartsy</a> with @alteredpage <a href="https://t.co/zUeGJbA1C7">https://t.co/zUeGJbA1C7</a></p>&mdash; Leandra (@PaperArtsy) <a href="https://twitter.com/PaperArtsy/status/764481982298464256">2016年8月13日</a></blockquote>
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Halloween goodies.

Hello friends and welcome to here.
I've made two Halloween pieces, one is mini Halloween town another one is tin can ornament. Halloween festival is not very actively in Japan but I love to make a ornament or a card.

 These photos are mini town's front and rear.

This is tin can ornament.
I've made very enjoying. Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a fantastic weekend all!!!

Etsuko xxx


I just open Etsy shop 'Pixienest'

Hello friend and welcome here.
I have a news, I have just opened Etsy shop 'Pixienest' which you can see my shop.
I have listed cotton brooches and miniature towns on my shop.

Cotton Brooch A
I made the Portrait brooch with transfer technique,
embroidered and beads on the linen.
             Cotton Brooch B 
                                                      Embroidered and beads on the linen.                                                           
Mini town (Hug)

Mini town (Joy)

Mini town (Fly)

The first experience that is opening of the net shop, there are many unknown system but I will extend the skills to make things even a variety of future.
Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a wonderful days.
Etsuko xxx


PA Challenge Topic15 Patterns

Hello friends and welcome here.
Hope everybody fine even hot this summer!!
Stamperama Big show in UK is opening today and PATWITS family that they are very excited. I'm just looking forward on Periscope. 

Over on the PA challenge blog this fortnight topic is 'Patterns' which you can see the detail and fabulous samples is here. Today is dead line!!
I made journal pages, I've used Jofy's newest collections and Fresco, infusions.
I've made the pattern with Jofy's MINI 49 and MINI 54  on the background, Then I made JOFY 45 flowers and MINI 53 pretty Dolly to layer's the random pattern. Also I used  JOFY 46 and MINI 52  Little Dude to the layer.

Thank you so much stopping by.
Enjoy at the Stamperama to PATWITS family.
See you sooooon.

Etsuko xxx


Mary Jane Chadbourne online class - work three.

Hello friends and welcome here.

Mary Jane Chadbourne class subject 'Retablo' this is my third one.
I always takes a time to get a new subject.
Finally I was grasp the subject when this work was done.
The fairy is from a book 'Women' and the fabulous book was recommended by Mary Jane.I wanted to hold a plate with her hands but I did too much deformation of her hands then I changed stuff the vase.

Thank you so much stopping by.
I'm making next Retablo......
See you soon.

Etsuko xxx


2016 Artful Gathering Mary Jane Chadbourne's class 'Saints, Sinners and shrines'

Hello friend and welcome here.
My best friend and wonderful artist Julie Ann lee 'magpieheaven' was introduced fabulous online workshop 'Artful Gathering' Mary Jane Chadbourne's class three years ago.
The class has started since July 2016 and 'Saints, Sinners and shrines' is the theme in this year. I was very inspired teacher Mary Jane Chadbourne who is amazing artist and her creations are enchanting.
I want to learn art composition and colours this year.
I'd made the subject 'Retablo' two pieces.
That was very fan!!

I'll start third Retablo....
And I need more practice.....practice

Thank you so much stopping by.
See you soon and have a wonderful days all.

Etsuko xxx