A walk of May part 1

Hello crafters and welcome.
There were very good wether, sky was blue, the flowers bloom and it was about a little hot today. Then I went to Yame and Nao with my husband. Yame is a old small town in Fukuoka province and very one of famous Japanese producer of tea.
Although there has old shopping street, I took some pictures.

'Buddhist altar fittings shop'

' Arrow shop'

This shop is closed but it was open to the public in-store.

It was display a old Japanese dolls.

A walk of May part 2

Hello crafters and welcome, this is part 2.
We return to the saga then visited to Nao-Washi manufacturer, to got some washi-papers. This is outside. The manufacturer is from 1876 year.

This is shop inside.

Every washi were very interesting and all the washi papers were handmade papers.
Thank you stopping by and have a nice weekend!!
Etsuko xxx


Panel with by PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella stamp

Hello crafters and welcome again!
I made the panel with Lynne Perrella stamps part 2!
This time I used LPC029 it was my PaperArtsy's prize and it's a first time using.
I love the collection very much and the shirts stamp is my favorites, but image was not easy. I came up with the background that was bustling. Then the shirts put on the bustling background with head, hand and boots.
This is not finish yet, I will try to finish tomorrow!!
Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!
Etsuko xx

Simon Monday Challenge Tag by Lynne Perrella

Hello crafters and welcome.
This is my first challenge to Simon Monday Challenge.
The challenge theme's Botanical which Simon's blog you can see here.
My image is flowers queen then I chosen Lynne Perrella's beautiful lady stamp.
I decided to make 10 tag by PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella collection.
First I used some fresco paint with brayer and covered the tag.
I then stenciled with fresco onto the tag and I drawing highlights some tag's parts with pastels. PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella lady was stamped by Jet Black Archival onto tissue paper and the fixed to the tag with Satin Glaze by PaperArtsy.
I then used TH's Butterfly Frenzy Stripe die and Tattered Pinecon to cut  the butterflies and rose then fixed onto the tag. Finally I stamped TH's sentiment onto the black paper with Ranger Embossing Powder 'Princedd Gold'
This is the tag, Thank you so much for stopping by and I want to trying next monday too! Have a nice week end.
Etsuko xxx


6 x 6 chipboard panel, from Lynne Perrella collection.

Hello crafters and welcome to my blog.
I made many panels this week that  wasn't nice result. Today I had try again, it was pretty good. I took 6 x 6 chipboard,   I used Bora Bora fresco as a base coat and then Snowflake fresco over the top of Crackle Glaze. I then used TCW stencil with Bora Bora, Taup and Snowflake Fresco onto the chipboard. But I wanted some texture the upper and left side onto the chipboard, then used Grunge Paste and Lake wanaka fresco with some TH stencil. That is background. I stamped Lynne Perrella lady LPC013 onto some tissue paper and painted. After the tissue paper dried I glued by Stain Glaze onto the background. I made some embellishments and I have stacked the all of them onto the background. This is the finished.
I want to make more colorful project but It was still difficult for me. I need more practice.

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a nice weekend.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge, Canvas by Helen Chilton

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on PaperArtsy blog Helen Chilton made lovely canvas, I was inspired by her then I followed and I played along with her project. Her wonderful canvas which you can see here.

I followed to her the all techniques with my board. I used the three colours Archival Inks onto the tissue paper. then used Satin Glaze to stick it to grey white board.

 I then knocked it back with a wash of Nougat fresco.

 And then sprayed  South Pacific, Pumpkin Soup and Eggplant fresco with mini bottle.--I haven't any Dylusions sprays---I have to...

I then painted Nougat with water onto the board and rubbed at it with an old towel as she did. I was a little broken why I rubbed too strong. But It was really fun to make the background.

I stamped Darcy's collection onto tissue paper and painted, then used Satin Glaze to stick it to the background. I used EM05 and EDY05 Darcy's stamps.
I then used Grunge Paste with Bora Bora fresco and Lin Brown stencil ELB001.
Finally I used Llynne Perrella script LPC028 and Mini18 to background, and some Treasure Gold. 
I really like Helen's project, she is a artist, I feel she loves all object and fabulous colours. Thank you for sharing us and I'm looking forward to your project.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you soon....
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge by Keren Baker Project

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on the PA blog has been new GD Keren Baker this week and her wonderful project was Clean and Simple card but I extracted her framework. sorry! The blog you can see here
First I made background board. I took heavy grey board no.9 tag, painted Mermaid fresco and used Grunge paste with crafters workshop 6x6 stencils. It dried I stamped Mini 84 by Archival 'Potting Soil'. 
Next I made second layer, I stamped LPC027 and LPC030 onto smoothy white card and painted. I then used three kind of TH dies, lace and some embellishments. This is the finished product.   

Thank you so much for stopping by... Have a wonderful weekend, see you soon!



Hello crafters and welcome.
Today I played with PaperArtsy's one of my favorite stamp pierrot plate3.
I love the stamp scene that it make me many imagination.
This is delight in spring for them.
Julie Bel made a weave for the background on PA blog. I followed.

I used UTEE on oval Pierrot part, flower I used TH die and tiny red heart used shrink plastic. Border is prima wood bellies rulers .

Thank you stopping by and see you soon.....


PaperArtsy Challenge Lucy's Wooden House

Hello friends and welcome.
Over on the PA blog Lucy has been back this week and I was inspired by her pretty wooden house project which you can see here.
I've not had a lot of time this week but I was in time for the deadline.
I was really inspired by her grunge paste on the tissue paper.
Then I followed and I played along with her project.
I used  hanging chunky board large instead of wooden house and I made crackle over the board.

I mixed Lake Wanaka, Space Cadet Fresco and Grunge Paste then used Lin's stencil ELB003 on the tissue paper.

I used LB stencil ELB003  with Space Cadet Fresco only stems part onto the board.
I was glued petals and buds to the top of the stems by Stain Glaze.
I then used Treasure Gold to the petals and buds.
And I added some embellishments.
This is the finished. Sorry for insufficient explanation this time.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon xx



Hello friend and welcome.
I want to try texture background in various ways. 
On the first day I used piece of book papaer and grunge paste. I used to Zesty Zing, Hey Pesto and Bech Hut Fresco with brayer. After papers dried I hand cut it and covered 9 Grey Board by Stain Glaze. I used Grunge Paste by TH stencil onto the background surface and painted fresco. 

I made mini tag and stamp cards, I used PaperArtsy LPC030 and Hot Picks 1301 
new stamps. Finally I used PA package corrugated paper behind the background board. 

Thank you stopping by and Have a wonderful crafting weekend!

From Linda brown part 3.

Hello friends and welcome.
Today I made 2 Tags, They are same background colours and added some stamps.

This tag's idea from Lin Brown, (Thank you Linda!!)I changed only some parts.

The background' stenciling and colours make me image of a Japanese spring.
I used LPC023 stamp and I painted Fresco Paint. Also I used Hot Picks Xtra 01 to background. I then made embellishment by TH stripe die and I wrote a Japanese calligraphy "Harumatsuri" means Spring festival.

Thank you stopping by and see you soon!!


PaperArtsy 3UP Challenge Helen with a Large Hanging Chunky Board

Hello crafters and welcome here.
Over on PaperArtsy blog 3UP Challenge this week, I inspired by Helen with a Large Hanging Chunky Board project, you can see here.
Helen made wonderful board with Lin Brown stanps and stencils.
I played along with her. I took 9 size Grey Board with covered some fabric and I painted Antarctic Fresco. I then used Grunge Paste with PS002 Lin's stencil onto the fabric background, also I used Snowflake Fresco with PS001 Lin's stencil.
While the background has dried I made embellishments.
I die cut Grunge Flower #1, #2,#3  and stamped ELB07 leaves, EDY02 butterfly, then painted and fussy cut. This is my tag. Thank you Helen, I had very fun time.
Thank you stopping by, see you soon! xx


From Linda brown part 2.

Hello crafters and welcome here.
Today I  post to practiced of Linda brown part 2 and It is the last work of this week. I made 2 tags. Each the tags base used fabric and covered by fresco paint.
I then used fresco with Linda's PS001 stencil. Also I stamped ELB07, EM01 and painted fresco and fussy cut. At last I used Darcy's sentiment EDY06 'Be unique Be beautiful'.

This tag's background was same as top. I then used Grunge Paste with PS004 stencil and painted by fresco.

Thank you for dropping by and have a nice weekend!
Etsuko xx


From Lin Brown

Hello crafters and welcome here.
Over on Lin Brown's blog I had learn techniques, layout, coloring and more.
I was very inspired by her those projects.
Then I followed and I played along with her few projects, It was not all the same material as her, but I used  similar in hers .These are crafts which I have done.
Thank you Linda!

I used 6 x 6 chipboard but she used more biggest one.

I used Heavy Grey Board 9Tag, she used  Heavy Grey Board 5 x 7 , I really want this size before but PA in stock now!! 

This panel is not finish yet. I'll change the background burlap that mesh is too rough.

This tag I changed colours.

Thank you for stopping by....Did you challenge 3up by PaperArtsy this week?
Etsuko xxx