PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Liesbeth Fidder Project #1 Peeled Paint Hanging Board

Hello crafters and welcome.
Still hot but I am very exciting today.
Over on the paperArtsy blog Liesbeth Fidder has been back this week, Liesbeth is very talented designer and always I was inspired her amazing project.
Peeled Paint Hanging Board is her challenge themes this week which you can see here. Andy Skinner showed peeled technique on his video recently. Immediately I've tried his technique, then this is my second time of I've tried to peeled technique.
I used hanging chunky board (large) then I covered by gesso all of the board's surface. I painted the board by yellow Submarine fresco then I dripped rubbing alcohol onto the surface.

After dried the surface I added Beach Hut fresco then I dripped rubbing alcohol again. And I covered by Stain Glaze then I stamped Hot Picks 1109EZ by Archival Jet Black. I then used some matt clay onto the surface and I painted Brown Shed Fresco then it dried I rubbed the surface with a kitchen paper.
 Sorry for shortage of explanation, I forgot to take pictures of the this step.

I Then used some matt clay and I painted by Snowflake Fresco and after dried I stamped some script stamp onto the Snowflake and rubbed the surface with a kitchen paper again. This is the process of making the underlying.

Then I added grunge paste around the board and some flowers embellishments.
This is final my Peeled Paint Hanging Board.

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Etsuko xxx


My first Jounal page. PaperArtsy Challenge by Kate Yetter Project #2 Art Jounal Page Inspiration.

Hello crafters and welcome.
I was very inspired by Kate Yetter Art Jounal Page, over on the PaperArtsy blog is here. I love her simple but great technique and design.
It was not good result but this is my first jounal page challenge.

Thank you stopping by and have a nice weekend!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge GD by Kate Yetter Project #1 Shadowbox Art Doll

Hello crafters and welcome. There are Hot Hot and humidity everywhere in Japan.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Kate Yetter has been back this week, I was inspired by her brilliant project Shadowbox Art Doll which you can see here.
I haven't that size canvas then I used hanging chunky board large.
I under covered the board by gesso then I used Lin's stencils (002, 005 )with grunge paste. And I painted some Fresco onto the boad. Then I used some matt clay on the board and when it dried to painted by snowflake, then I stamped some script stamp onto the snowflake paint. When it dried I carefully wiped off the surface. I think that it is not clearly visible. sorry! This technique from here.
I used matt clay (he used Vo5).

I made a doll with Lynne Perrella stamps(LPC029, LPC008) and some paper.

when I  walked a forest,  a woman came to me and she said  "eat your words" and she run away... It was funny dream....

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DragonDream Challenge letter 'K' and heart

Hollow crafters and welcome.
Over on the DragonDream blog Silvia has been back and she made fabulous tag and she chosen letter 'K' and heart. The blog is here.
Today is deadline and I made tag is here and I chosen word is 'Kind'
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Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge by Liesbeth Fidder Altered Canvas

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Liesbeth Fidder has been back this week, I was inspired by her wonderful project which you can see here.
I followed her technique from drops of Fresco Finish onto the craft sheet to center of the LP lady's background and side of the trimmings. I used Fresco Finish Claret, Eggplant and South Pacific. It may be hard to see because it is the small parts. If I'll have a much more time I'll try again.
Thank you for stopping by and see you later 
Etsuko xx