PaperArsty challenge Liz Borer Project #2

I tried shrink plastic button again. I used PA die Grunge Flowers #2.
I used Talcum Powder onto SP and painted Fresco Finish with water.
Then I stamped Ink & The Dog Minis and Pierrot plate2.
That is good than before.
In the end I used UT onto the buttons.


PaperArsty challenge Liz Borer Project

I was inspired by Liz Borer PaperArtsy Project, and I will challenge.
I will plane to make a doll and a button book.
First I had download doll's pattern .
And I made several different types of 
textile patterns.It was so difficult for me, almost I gave up!!
This is my dolls apron and hat pattern.

Ink pad "Versafine onyx black"

Stamps   PaperArtsy  HP-1214EZ  HP-1011EZ  ID02EZ

I never made doll,it was first experience with lot of fun.
But I had a hard time in the cotton stuffing.
It was bumpy look!!

Hair tutorial was so helpful when I had done.
After I noticed My doll need more hair when I made the hat.

Project was done.
I respect  Liz again. Her project is rich in ideas,and carefully in every detail,
beautiful feminine color and design, what I say...I love her projects Wonderful!!! 

Poly Shrink Translucent
Archival Ink pads,  Fresco Finish 

I made button book, but It was not clear stamped onto shrink plastic.
It was bit blurry and I was not able to paint the color from behind. My SP is almost white.
Liz had done very clear and beautiful. 
I need more technique!!
So I am wondering how should I challenge this button book project.
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Joanne Wardle Project #2 Gothic Birthday Card

PaperArtsy project #2 Gothic Birthday Card.
I used Lynne Perrella stamps. Satoko is my cousin's name she also was born in October.
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PaperArtsy Challenge by "Joanne Wardle"

PaperArtsy Challenge by "Joanne Wardle" is Halloween.  I don't have any Halloween and X'mas stamps lol! Then I did only Joanne style.
I did stamp sentiment and heart by Versafine onyx black.
I added stickers onto some of heart and one brushed by Fresco Finish claret.
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PaperArtsy Stamp Pierrot

I was inspired by PaperArtsy Helen Chilton's project. I love her colours.
At that time her 
coloration was a very lively and happy.
Now I got PA stamp "Mad as a Hatter" 
I made layer by Grange Paste, Fresco Finish and some stamp minis.
Next layer I stenciled by FF Claret onto TH Kraft Glassin.
I stamped pierrot onto white cardstock by Versafine onyx black,and little painted.
After I added TH die, flowers and rhinestones.
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PaperArtsy Challenge by Alison Bomber Project #1

PaperArtsy Challenge project is Alison Bomber,She is my one of favorite artist.
Gorgeous, elegant, feminine....Wow!!
I want challenge really this time but I haven't skill, just try.
I got Hanging chunky board long time ago,never use it.
The project is chance to use it! Good!!
This project is almost my practice.
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Artistic Outpost Stamp "Paris Exposition of 1889"

Japan has came twice small typhoon in one week.
September is typhoon 
I made small 
relief by Artistic Outpost Stamp "Paris Exposition of 1889".
First I made three arches, and I made background by package box.
But something different, 
I will try over and over.