PaperArtsy 2013 Christmas Cracker Challenge

Hello crafters and welcome.
The day before yesterday we had first snow but it was just little time in my area.
Now is the New Year holiday in Japan December 28th  to January 4th (most of people). We are preparing for the New Year meal. Little busy, but I found time to craft.
This week Leandra had showed background technique with wonderful video. Is here.
I inspired by her and followed the technique.
I  stenciled circle9-9x12 by Grunge Paste on smoothy-heavy-tags and made the background.
I used Fresco Finish Lake Wanaka, Mermaid, South Pacific, Space
Cadet and Haystack but can't see clearly in my photo.
Die cut TH die and stamped LPC006 then I made layer.
This is the finished "Fly me to the moon"Tag. :))
Thank you for stopping by...  Have a wonderful New Year. xx



Winter Tag2

Hello crafters and welcome.
I mede Winter Tag No.2.
This time I want to try TH's "Wrinkle-Free, Blending".Video is here.
I used PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints. Stamp is LPC006.
Also I used Utee, Treasur Gold, TH dies.
Here is the finished of Tag.

Anyway I need a Stampendous Embossing Powders.
I'll order to next year !!! Can't wait!!
Thank you for stopping by.
Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Liz Borer #3 Ploject

Merry Christmas Crafters and welcome,
Christmas decoration has been over and you will wait for the 25th.
I heard Christmas song from every where, it's lyrics is very fun, is it true?
This time I made #8 Tag.
I was inspired by Lis Borer's beautiful book, I followed #3 project background.
 Blog is here.
She made a stunning Decorated Book.
I wanted to use PaperArtsy FF new pink colors 4 sisters :0)

I taped 4 colours onto #tag with a wet wipe, and I stamped PA ELB04, Mini 62
and a floral stamp, made background.
Also I stamped Lynne Perrella collection LPC004, LPC006 onto Smoothy
Heavy Tags by Archival Potting Soil. Them cut and I had glued onto the tag.
I  followed the embellishment Idea by Leandra at the blog,Christmas (lurve) 
Hearts here. Die cut used Tim Holtz's die and I used Utee, embossing powders,
Treasure Gold Rose Quartz. 

Thank you for stopping by.... Have a happy Christmas!! Etsuko xxx





Winter Tag

Merry Christmas Crafters. Welcome to my site.
I made winter tag few days ago. I used #8 Tag, stamped by PA collection.
I haven't any Christmas Stamps, then I made Winter mood tag.
I have become today while I'm looking for a  Christmas stamps.
Although I had decided two but I don't need another items in the net shop.
Frantage Embossing is sold by another shop!!
Net shopping is difficult, I missed 2013 Christmas stamps.
How to use net shop everyone?
Thank you for stopping by...


PaperArtsy Challenge Joanne Wardle Project #2

Hello Crafters and welcome to my blog site.
I can't believe this year almost will finish, but you will have big event Christmas.
In Japan we will celebrate the New Year than Christmas, except they have
young children. Joanne Wardle showed us three project, I inspired project #2 bagelope.
"here"  That is so cute and good idea, I will use this idea for ''Otoshidama,
 means New years money present " money bag. But it was finished in a little scary feeling lol.
I cut  2  2/4  x  3  2/4 PA smoothy heavy card stock.
Painted FF Claret and stamped wings-plate-3 by Archival jet black.
Then I used Petroleum Jelly onto background and I painted over FF snowflake.
Wiped off loose snowflake with a paper towel .I stamped the same fairy stamp with another paper. Cut the wings,  put on the same background place.
Then I stamped Mini 61 on the background and craft mini bag.
To finish I used Treasure Gold rose quartz and white fire.
This Scratch technique from "Collage discovery workshop"book.
 Leandra recommended me, Thank you Leandra.
Thank you for stopping by... Have a nice Chrismas!!   xx


Challenge of Alison Bomber Project #3 Bothersome Baubles ....

Hello crafters and welcome.
Alison Bomber is showing us three projects in the PA blog this week.
I inspired every project and I was attracted to the third project.(Here)
It was cute paper baubles. She tried technique and effect over again.
Never give up! I really respect the act.
I tried the paper cute baubles, I like her last one colours and one of technic.
I made three baubles and background.
I want write how I made it but time is late. I will write tomorrow, 
I'm very sorry. Thank you for stopping by...


Artistic Outpost stamps "a lovely day" Tag made for spring time.

Hello Crafters and welcome.
Oh! December 3rd. Everybody busy for making Christmas card now!
Almost I will busy for New Years card, It's Japanese tradition.
But I made early spring tag today. I used #8Tag from PaperArtsy.
I made the background Alison's tutorial with the intention of review.
And put on the TH Butterfly die cut and young girl.
I used Treasure Gold and Stickies at the end.
Quick finished and It was fun!!
Thank you for stopping by....