PaperArtsy Monthly callenge Wintery Journalling by Alison Bomber}

Merry Christmas Crafters. Welcome to here.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Alison Bomber well come back and her fabulous journal page project which you can see HEREI was very inspired by her project that looks very simple but it has been precisely computed. Although I can not make like her but I tried to play along.
I always reminds me of the picture books 'the little mermaid' and 'Hansel and Gretel' that my mother bought me to Christmas when I was child. These books were lost but the fantasy world is still clearly in my memory.
This is my 'the little mermaid' panel.

Thank you for stopping by and good see you next year. Have a nice new year!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy blog Challenge Chunky ATC with LPC by Liesbeth Fidder

Hello crafters and welcome here.
December is the busiest month for all crafters. But I do not even so lol.
The busiest day is from end of December to three days of January in Japan.
Also we make New Years card.
Over on PaperArtsy blog Liesbeth Fidder well come back and her marvelous project 'Chunky ATC' which you can see HERE.
I love her projects, especially I love her color scheme.
I followed her Chunky ATC and color scheme today.

I used chunky wooden block but it was not exactly ATC size.
Start I painted white gesso all over the wooden surface then I used grunge paste onto the wooden surface with self made cloud stencil. Then it dried, I painted the background with Beach hut,Toffee and some more Fresco Finish. Although I used Golden regular gel gloss with some stencil. 
I then stamped wings-plate-3 stamps (also I used opposite surface too.) with smoothy heavy weight card, painted with Fresco and fussy cut -made layers.

This is the opposite.

Both side, I used shrink plastic with Song Bird die and Darcy's stamps EDY10 leaves. I stamped Hot pick 1102 fern by Jet Black Archival onto background but it didn't work.

This is the top.
Finally I had use Treasure Gold white fire some places.

Thank you for dropping by... Have a wonderful Christmas month!!
Etsuko xxx


DragonsDream Tag it On Challenge #181

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on DragonsDream Tag it On Challenge Jax has chosen the theme of the letter "M" and some Holly which you can see here.
I was decided theme that 'Miracle'.
It is a miracle that I live in a warm house in this wide universe.
And my tag is this.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend.
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy project 'Winter Arch'

Hello, It's Etsuko here, I'm very happy to be invited to the PaperArtsy blog today. I live in small town Saga the west  of Japan. A year and a half ago, I was very shocked when I saw the youtube PA tutorial by Leandra. Exactly that was what I want. I'm crazy much to the PA stamps and Fresco paint from the time.

I used the lovely small arch.
So I started to filled with white gesso whole of the arch. Second layer of the front was I mixed gold glitter and Golden Heavy Gel then I used Lin Brown's ELB006 stencil  and I was sprayed with the Fresco Beach Hut.

I then starting with the back side, I used South Pacific as a base coat and then Hint of Mint over the top of the Fresco Crackle Glaze. And I made arch's bricks by plastic clay and stamped HP1107EZ onto the clay.

I painted the bricks and sticked by Golden Heavy Gel onto the back side.
After I stamped Lynne Perrella LPC006 tower onto the Smooth White card by Archival Jet Black, and I was to add some silver glitter to highlight the texture.

Finally I made front side, I stamped Lynne Perrella LPC028, LPC004 lovely lady and  flowers onto the Smooth White card I then some colored and fussy cut it. These colour were little bright so I used UTEE. NOEL is Lin Brown's Christmas stamp collection ELB11. And finished by adding some embellishments.

To used clay and Medium was very fun this time! And I'll more give it a go!!
I hope you've enjoyed the projects and I want see your beautiful things!!
Thank you so much.
Etsuko xxx


DragonDream Tag it On Challenge #179

Hello dear friends,
The time passes quickly and It is winter! We need a jacket.
Over on the Dragons Dream Tag it On Challenge blog, GD Gabrielle her wonderful theme are the letter 'U' and a quotation this week. Which you can see HERE
It took a little time to find that theme.
Finally I found the words on Darcy's stamps and it's 'be Unique, be beautiful', 
It may be a little different with quotation but I decided on this.
I used Brusho to the background and I stamped Darcy's stamp onto white paper by Jet Black Archival ink and painted it.
I love the bird and he(?) is really Unique and beautiful.
This is the my challenge tag. 

Thank you for dropping by. 
See you soon
Etsuko xxx


Journal pages Practice of configuration No1 .2

Hello crafters and welcome,
It's a beautiful early winter day in here.
I made two journal pages (total 4) for practice of configuration.
I didn't use journal much but I know it need.
Journal is difficult for me to look fuzzy and I have gone to the always more interest.

This pages made by left over.

These pages were I almost followed France Papillon's week 105 TV tutorial.
Thank you dropping by....and Have a wonderful winter days.
Etsuko xxx


Dragons Dream Tag it On #178 Challenge.

Hellow crafters and welcome.
Over on the Dragons Dream Tag it on Challenge blog, Gust Designer Hilda who will be sharing fabulous tag for us. Which you can see Here. And her theme is letter 'D' and Red this week.
I chose letter 'Drama' and my tag image is here. Drama's title is ' A Bloody Queen'.
I used PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella's stamp and Fresco paint.

Thank you for dropping by... Have a nice weekend!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Montly Challenge by Anneke De Clerck Project #2 Holiday Card Collection

Hello crafters and welcome, I'm lazy post this month anyway.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog  Anneke De Clerck well come back and her fabulous project which you can see HERE. She made five wonderful card and I was very inspired by her. Really her project are very clear and  beautiful vivid colours combo, It's perfect!! I want exactly play along with her but I haven't any Jofy's christmas ornament stamps.... so I chose her background and I made tiny notebook.

I used TH stencils and I did same technique by her and I added Ellen Vargo's EEV08 stamps. I'm satisfied with this result!! Thank you Anneke!!

 Over on Sam's Blog, she made wonderful Pamphlet Journals and added beautiful beads. I was very inspired by her the project and I took her idea, thank you Sam!!
Although I stamped Lynne Perrella  oriental girls collection LPC023 onto tissue paper and painted by Fresco, this is second layer. Finally I used some stamp and words by Jet Black Archival.

I used LPC023 too. So sorry these note book not finish yet, I'll do soon....

Thank you stopping by and Have a Happy Halloween day!!
Etsuko xxx


Artistic Outpost October Challenge

Hello friends and welcome.
Over on the Artistic Outpost October Challenge blog is HERE. The image of October, I took autumn and the color. I used GENERATION REDUX stamps and some autumn color paints. Word Hello frem Serenity stamp.
This is my October Challenge Tag.

Thank you for dropping by and have a nice creative days!!
Etsuko xxx


Dragons Dream Tag it On #177 Challenge.

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on the Dragons Dream Tag it on Challenge blog Silvia has been back this week and she made beautiful sample Tag and her order is letter 'V' and Father which you can see HERE
I took #10 tag.  I used stencils with grunge paste and gold crackle texture paste. And dropped two-color paint and it dried I used some color spry mist onto the tag, that was first layer background.
Then I stamped PA flower with black embossing powder onto the tissue paper.
I used PA Smoothy white card and I painted two colors by PA fresco finish and stamped PA feather stamp by Potting Soil Archival. 
Also I stamped word 'View' by Potting Soil Archival onto PA Smoothy white card. 
I cut the flower, the feathers and the word. Then I was glued them with Soft Matte Gel onto the background tag. I finished by heart and key charms.
This is the my tag, 

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a nice weekend everybody!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Challenge project # 1 JOFY Joy by Wanda Hentges.

Hello everyone and welcome again!!
Today wonderful designer Wanda Hentges has been back over on PaperArtsy blog and her fantastic project  #1 JOFY Joy which you can see HERE.
I was very inspired by her pierce. It was made by shrink plastic and so lovely!!
I follow with her and I really want to make shrink plastic bracelet from last year.
I didn't have any material to make a bracelet at that time and I didn't completely give up!! Yes, this is the time! I used Ellen Vargo's EEV09 and JOFY's Limited Edition Paint 'Set 2' which arrived yesterday.
I sprinkle talcum powder and wipe off the extra powder onto the shrink plastic before painting. Then water paint extends smoothly.
This is my shrink plastic bracelet.

Thank you stopping by and see you soon!
Have a nice day!!
Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy October Challenge 'My Heart' by Gillian Simson

Hello Everybody and welcome.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Gillian Simson has been back this week and I was inspired by her wonderful project 'My Heart' which you can see here.
I really love the heart stamp but I have no chance to use until today! Thank you Gillian!!
I started to make background by 8x8 chipboard. I covered book pieces and painted by fresco Chocolate Pudding, Nougat and matt clay. After Fresco paint dried I wiped out some place.

I dipped the tissue paper in fresco Chocolate Pudding with water. I then glued the tissue paper onto the background and I used TH some stencil by grange paste and Little Black Dress fresco onto the tissue paper. Gillian used grange paste too!!
I made tags and stamped Sara Naumann's ESN11, ENS10, stamps by Archival Potting Soil. I die cut chipboard by TH's Weathered Clock and used embossing powder.
Gillian applied layers of  paint to a piece of corrugated card using a palette knife. I then followed with her, It was a very easy and effective!! Thank you Gillian!! 
I used TH's die Tattered Pinecone to made rose flower, it painted Little Black Dress fresco and I was spray some gold glitter but can't see it! 
I painted Nougat fresco onto some dark brown paper and I stamped lovely Sara's ESN11 heart by Archival Jet Black. Finally I stamped sentiment by Marilyn Monroe.
This is My Heart.  

Thank you stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Etsuko xxx


Dragons Dream Tag it on Challenge

Hello everyone!
I changed my computer and I'm taking time to fix my data. My X'machine is five years old still ok just like me lol but motion is slow and internet is little heavy now In Japanese environment. Then I decided, It's very comfortable!!
Over on the Dragons Dream Tag it on Challenge blog Helen has been back this week and she made beautiful sample card and her order is letter 'W' and lace which you can see HERE. Helens card is fabulous emerald green background and she used beautiful lace behind the window.
I hadn't any halloween stamp last year then I got some sheets this year.
I decided Helen's order word 'wicked' and used black lace.
I used Heavy Grey Board No 9 tag and used Artistic Outpost stamp and Paper Artsy stamps and TH's die.
This is my tag but finish was a dark color result more than I want.

Thank you for stopping by and  have a nice day!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy monthly blog Challenge Box Canvas by Gillian Simson

Hello everyone, finally my PaperArtsy new products has been arrived.
So I challenge Gillian's project Box Canvas over on the PA blog HERE.
I was very inspired by her wonderful project and followed with her.
I took the box canvas 4x6 inch same as her size. I made crackleI for first layer onto the canvas. (It was so difficult to take the photo.) I painted Lin Brown new fresco color Marlin on the base then I used Crackle Glaze I then painted Lake Wanaka and Marlin on the top.
I have used same as Gillian "Bumped Technique" as shown HEREI love the technique. I used TCW stencil with Marlin and Snowflake fresco onto the canvas second layer.
I used ESN11 Sara Naumann's new stamp and some script onto the canvas by Archival Jet Black.
I made two colors types papers and used some ornament die, then I used Darcy's new stamps EDY09 flower on the ornaments by Archival Jet Black. Also I stamped Darcy's bird and bird house EDY10 for both sides.
And I used Lin Brown's new stamp ELB11 onto Marlin colored paper with  white embossing powder for the sentiment.
This is my canvas for christmas. It was story is long picture is too short...so sorry.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Have a good weekend everybody !!


Play wit tag.

Hello everyone.
It's a great season, sky is blue, nice breeze and Autumn flowers begin to bloom.
Harvest moon tonight.
I had just make a tag by PaperArtsy's pierrot stamp.
I used brayer by fresco paint onto the tag. I then stamped LP ladies by Vesafine onyx black onto tissue paper and I stamped pierrot( PaperArtsy Ink & the dog stamp) onto smoothy heavy white paper by Archival jet black then both painted them. And both papers fussy cut  and glued onto the tag.
I used TH's clock die and made clock. and used heart charm.
This is my tag pierrot.

after I added mask for them.

Thank you stopping by and have nice autumn days.
See you soon!!
Etsuko xx


The Imaginariam with Mary Jane Chadbourne My Art doll No.4

Hello everybody and welcome.
I took little time to made No.4 doll why electric drill broken and also printer broken. The replacement purchases both and started.
I created head piece and first time I used DecoArt crackle to the doll body.
This is my No.4 doll 'Messenger from the moon'.

Her side.

And her back.

And closeup. 
Online class was over but I'll continue to doll making it's very fun. 
Thank you for stopping by and see you soon.
Etsko xx


PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Kate Yetter Project #2 and #3

Hello everyone and welcome,
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Kate Yetter has been back this week and I was inspired by her wonderful project, I mixed two project Bloom Tag and Art Journal Page. I really like her style, I love her art balance of the distress and the beauty.
I then played along with her.

Thank you for stopping by
Etsuko xx


The Imaginariam Anthologies of an Art Doll with Mary Jane Chadcourne

Hi everyone and welcome!!
I'm starting the Anthologies of the Art Doll with Mary Jane Chadcourne online class from July 16th - August 26th. This fabulous class was recommended by Julie Ann and it's my first online class. This is great workshop and meet the many amazing artist. They were very excited and inspired me.
 I made three dolls and the class is just leave only 1 week.
Doll making is very fun, I made more four blank wooden doll today.
If the class has disbanded I continue to make the dolls. I love it.

Thank you for stopping by
See you soon and have a wonderful art day!!
Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Weekly Chalenge 'Blooming Book' by Alison Bomber

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Alison Bomber has been back this week and I was inspired by her stunning project 'Blooming Book' which you can see here.
I follow with her fabulous soft colours painting book. It was difficult technique when I have started. I tried three times and this is 3rd one.
Although It wasn't good results but I was very fun.
I used Darcy's stamps too, EDY05, EDY06 and EDY08. Painted by Fresco Finish.
And I used DI vintage photo and clear embossing powder.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend!!
Etsuko xxx


Artist Outpost's Anything Goes challenge back

Hello crafters and welcome, Sue Davice told me "Artist Outpost's  Anything Goes challenge is back"!!!! on Facebook, I challenge this month. The blog post is here.
I used AO's lovely stamp set 'Boardwalk'.

First I made background by peeled paint technique. I painted some fresco colours with brayer then I used some stamp to make background.

Next I covered some matt clay onto the background and painted snowflake fresco on the surface. The fresco paint dried I then stamped some script by potting soil Archival then I peeled the top of the  surface.

And leave it for about one hour, I covered by matt medium then I stenciled by mixed regular matt gel and blue fresco paint. This texture is my first trial and I wanted to semi-transparent.

It will be dries to semi-transparent.

I cut boardwalk building and sweet girl and painted. Although I stamped beach houses onto the shrink plastic and made embellishments. And I made flower by TH die and stamped paperboy's stamp onto the tickets. Finally these were  placed on a background. I'm really happy the Artist Outpost 'Anything Goes challenge' back.
Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice weekend!!

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Liesbeth Fidder Project #1 Peeled Paint Hanging Board

Hello crafters and welcome.
Still hot but I am very exciting today.
Over on the paperArtsy blog Liesbeth Fidder has been back this week, Liesbeth is very talented designer and always I was inspired her amazing project.
Peeled Paint Hanging Board is her challenge themes this week which you can see here. Andy Skinner showed peeled technique on his video recently. Immediately I've tried his technique, then this is my second time of I've tried to peeled technique.
I used hanging chunky board (large) then I covered by gesso all of the board's surface. I painted the board by yellow Submarine fresco then I dripped rubbing alcohol onto the surface.

After dried the surface I added Beach Hut fresco then I dripped rubbing alcohol again. And I covered by Stain Glaze then I stamped Hot Picks 1109EZ by Archival Jet Black. I then used some matt clay onto the surface and I painted Brown Shed Fresco then it dried I rubbed the surface with a kitchen paper.
 Sorry for shortage of explanation, I forgot to take pictures of the this step.

I Then used some matt clay and I painted by Snowflake Fresco and after dried I stamped some script stamp onto the Snowflake and rubbed the surface with a kitchen paper again. This is the process of making the underlying.

Then I added grunge paste around the board and some flowers embellishments.
This is final my Peeled Paint Hanging Board.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice craft day!!
Etsuko xxx