PaperArtsy Challenge Jo Myhill #1 No2

Hello again Crafters.
Here is cold outside and near the mountain is white with snow.
Jo Myhill and Darcy Wilkinson have showed us great project over at
PaperArtsy Blog this week.Jo's and Darcy's
I was inspired to work on the Jo Myhill project #1.
She caught a moment of small things and she created it.(I think.)
She used Grunge Paste with effect and made crackle.
I tried GP and crackle.
I found withered weeds on the street, It was appeared from between the concrete
cracked. I took few weeds and added my panel.
I have only 15 x 15 cm wooden frame, this timeI need more bigger size.
Then I made it.

I put GP on the background, and stamped Mini20 on the GP.
I made ​​a crack on the Snowflake and Elephant to the base Baltic Blue.
This time was nice.

I used for layer corrugated board, Medium Oak Leaf die cut and weed with ribbon.
Frame I painted by French Roast and Snowflake onto it.
Then sanded 2 times after I stamped Mini26 with Potting Soil Archival Ink.
Panel and frame distressed by TH Walnut Stain ink.
I finished with Treasure Gold.

Thank you for stopping by.
One more time!  Have a happy Christmas!!

Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Jo Myhill #1

Hello Crafters and welcome.
It was rain and thunder a little while ago. Here is getting colder day by day.
Jo's shabby style fascinated me and I tried but difficult.
Still I can't understand, how much background paint or when end of paint.
Then I follow same way her project #1 Christmas Decor and her blog Still obsessed with hearts.
I mixed Grunge Paste and Utee, it made rough paste.
I painted rough paste onto middle of  Hanging chunky board-large.
Center of layer I used white corrugated card.
And covered with Treasure Gold-classic without corrugated card.
and painted FF Claret. Then I made Crackle with FF Nougat and Snowflake.
But little failed the crackle too big.
I die cut tall heart, painted same as background and crackled. Sanded toll heart
and stamped Mini 61 and Mini 96(embossing powder in it).
After I stamped Mini 61 and Mini 72 in background board, distressed all parts
by Vintage Photo. This is it.

Thank you for dropping by. But so sorry to read poor my English,
I want explain more better....I'd give it a go!! :)
Have a nice day.

Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Chllenge Liz Borer Project #3 Three Panel Design

Hello again and welcome.
I inspired Liz Borer's colours chart and I challenged her colours work.
Leandra said  "This is such a fantastic resource, and such a useful one too on a daily basis!!! And there was me just wanting to make paint colours that I liked, and suddenly you have opened the door in such a clear, logical manner to show us how to easily generate a wealth of other colours."  I really think so!!  I just say to her Big Big Thank you!!
I made background by Fresco Finish 4 colours.
Simply I made purple gradation by Blood Orange + Inky Pool.
I tried make marble background several times but did not  work.

Thank you for stopping by.


Winter Tag 001 (like the Snow Queen)

Hellow Crafters, Almost christmas now!
I made a winter tag, like the story of snow queen.
I want make shabby background and front layer is fantasy.
Colours are white, blue and brown. 
It's a only image, just I did.
I really like Liz Borer project at PaperArsty this week.
I inspired her fabulous idea and technics.
Then I Try to challenge this tag first one.
Thank you for stopping by...

I used #10 Manilla Tag
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish
PaperArtsy Treasure Gold
Tim Holtz Dies
and Embellishments. 


PaperArtsy Joanne Wardle Project #3

Hello Crafters and welcome!
I inspired Joanne Wardle's stamp, line and used colour pencils style.
Then I did hearts and vein so simple!
Thank you stopping by....
Etsuko xx


4 x 4 canvas

Hello Crafters and welcome.
Now christmas season, outside is little cold but no snow.
Today I want use PP Wing 3 stamp and I think 4 x 4 canvas is best.
First time I used the canvas. I have keeping the canvas little bit ago but never tach it. 
First I painted background by Fresco Finish South Pacific, Inky Pool.
Next I painted FF Guacamole onto background and made crack.
I stamped wild flower with Utee, also I stamped fairy queen and owl by treasing paper and painted. I glued it by FF Stain Glaze onto background and both side. 
Finally I put TH embellishment and stand.

Thank you for stopping by, Please leave me advice or comment.
Etsko xx 


Practice 001 002

Hello Crafters and welcome!
I haven't challenge this week why I haven't any PA christmas stamps.
I gave priority to FF and another goods than Christmas stamps this time order. 
If it make it in time I want order it.
So I made something christmas panel.

I inspired Jo_Myhill very much then I have practiced shabby style.
Yesterday arrived the mini 69 stamp, I mede this quickly.
But It was too simple, it need more texture and technic. It's my 
next theme!!

Thank you for stopping by....
Please leave me advice or comment.


PaperArsty Alison Bomber Project Challenge No2

Hello crafter and welcome.
I really want to try one more time Alison's project and inspired her arch and pearl.
I made the tag simply.

Background I almost same by Alison, I used stencil instead of Lin Brown stamps.
Used fresco Finish and DI.

I put the bells embellishment at the bottom.  I did not have the rusting powder,but I want rusting image. Then I painted by FF :-)

 I put 5 pearls backside arch.

This is final, I need some sentiment but I couldn't  find.
I'd give it ago!

Thank you for stopping by....
Please leave me some advice and comment.

Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Alison Bomber project challenge

Hello crafters and welcome!
Now fall is my favorite season, temperature is between 10(c)-20 degrees in my erea.(Saga prefecture)
Yesterday, No1 cold wintry wind blow in the western erea, winter has come to the next door.
This week is inspired by project #1 from Allson Bomber at PaperArtsy see here.
Also I did that she have used tag inside layer before.
Background I used stencil with Fresco Finish, Archival ink and distress inks.
Layer I used FF and Crackle Glaze, Crack has nice done this time!
Stamps(Mini 61, Ink the Dog Frames 4, Eclectica Lin Brown 02, Ink the Dog Winter wonderland 5  )
And I used finish by only I have Treasure Gold classic.
The second picture is what I used. Julie Ann did of her blog, I think good idea! and I have tried. sorry and thank you Julie Ann.

Please leave me some advice and comment.
Thank you for stopping by...
Etsuko xx


PaperArtsy Jo Myhill project # 2 2nd. challenge

Hello Crfters and welcome my place.
Today is rain from morning, that's good for me you know.
I inspired 
Jo Myhill project #2 master board and mixed others by PaperArtsy blog. I love her style.
I want use the flower to main, the Gerbera is blooming our garden.
 I used 9 x 9 main and 
6 x 6 chipboard to center layer. I haven't transparent FF gradation not many. Then I have used limited.
Mainly I painted Pea Coat, Eggplant, Claret.
Before I used 
transparent colors and too much light gray colors, it made muddy color. Not mixed with paints, I have layered each other this time.
Little good but vivid. That is next my subject.
Also I used Shrink Plastic, Embossing Powder(Jofy's sentiment, corner
), Hot Picks, Ink & The Dogs, Ink & The Dogs mini stamps, Treasure Gold.Please leave me some advice and comment. Thank you for stopping by...

Etsuko xx