PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Spring Tulips by Jo Myhill

Hello again crafters!
Over on the PaperArtsy blog project by Jo Myhill's Spring Tulips which you can see here. I wanted to play with Jo Myhill's project and done.

Tulips is glistening in my photo lol. I made very quickly and fun!!
Thank you stopping by see you!!   xxx

PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Botanical Tags by Brenda Brown

Hello crafters and welcome.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog weekly project by Brenda Brown which you can see here. I was inspired by her stunning tag project and I played along.
I took the #8 tag and covered piece of book page and tissue paper.
I then painted London Night, Chocolate Pudding, Nougat Fresco onto the tag.
And it had dry I used Prima stencil and stenciled by Snow White Fresco.

I stamped Lynne Perrella  LPC028 and Hot Pick HP1109 onto smoothy heavy white paper and painted fresco some translucent colours.
These had dry I used Gloss Glaze 3times.

I haven't Chatsworth Paper then I used some paper under the tag.
I thought it was some distance between the moss and the LP lady but I had no idea... 

I tried to move the lady and it was successful, better than before.
I made the tag with great fun especially when I made the background.
Thank you for stopping by. xx


Practice No002

Hello everyone and welcome.
Today I practiced by Linda Brown over on her blog Saturday afternoon and a bit of a play! project which you can see here
And I played along with her. 

Today's points,
1, Using the grunge paste
2, Stamping by Fresco paint
3, Painting onto grunge paste

1, I did very carefully then I got good results.
2, I stretched fresco paint on the craft sheet and gave to the stamp.
   It was good method,  I then added some colours onto it but it was     bad. 
3, Linda wrote "with a clean brush" I did and it's fine!

I haven't Grunge paper then I used Amazon package. These were difference in the color tone to the paint. I need Tim Holtz's.

I had done with fun and thank you Linda!

Thank you stopping by. xx

Hand made frame no1

I made a small wood frame that I made in the 45 ° corners.
I had use a pate because there was a little gap to contact it.
Perfect  close contact is very difficult but I did another one it was better.


Flowers, buds & colour - Spring has arrived! by Jo Firth-Young

Over on the PaperArtsy blog Jo Firth Young stunning project which you can see here. Although I've not had a lot of time I was inspired by her wonderful piece I wanted to play along.
I haven't Jofy's new stamps this time then I mixed Jofy's stamp and Darcy's stamps.
I was almost drawn in colored pencil and used some paper.
I only made piece but I will make card or something from the piece.
Thank you for stopping by, see you soon. xx

PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge Pencil Pot {with Eclectica³ Darcy Stamps by Julie Bell}

Hello crafters and welcome.
Etsuko is here, Over on the PaperArtsy blog Julie Bell pretty project which you can see here
I was inspired her project and I really wanted to play along.  I used new fab Darcy's stamps and made pencil pots. That is here.

I used empty cans. First I covered hole of out side by fresco Snowflake then  some blue fresco, some pink and Cheesecake fresco painted. I stamped Darcy's EDY05, EDY06, EDY08, EM02, EM08 by Archival Jet Black. Then painted by some Fresco onto cans and Smoothy white stamping card (These objects were fussy cut and glued onto the cans.)  I added paper laces because I thought the bottle top was little poor. It was not a finished enough the new stamps but I was very fun.
Thank you stopping by see you soon.
Etsuko xx


Practice practice No1

Hello crafters, I decided to make a practice of color and grunge paste technique this week.  
I had wanted to learn from Linda Brown project for a long time. 
She has published a great many techniques and tutorials on her blog.
Also over on her blog I was inspired her one of the fabulous tag which you can see here
I started to make background with Grunge Paste onto some Gray board and painted over it with some Chocolate Pudding and Bora Bora Fresco Finish.

Then used Mermaid Fresco to some stencils onto the background.
I stamped Lynne Perrella stamp onto White Smoothy Card and painted.
Also I made the Lynne Perrella's lady frame to use TH  Sized Ovals die with Grunge Paste, painted Chocolate Pudding Fresco when it dried.  I added Treasure Gold and some embellishments. 
Finally I put the flowers and "True North" Banner.
I followed Linda Brown project all of the tag parts and leaned many things.
 I'll follow again next her project. Thanks lot Linda. 
Thank you stopping by.  xx 


PaperArtsy Weekly Challenge A Hearty Canvas by Alison Bomber

Warm wind blows and many flowers say hello... It's spring has come!
Hello and welcome crafters, Over on the PapaerArtsy blog Alison Bomber wonderful project which you can see here
I was inspired her project and I really wanted to play along.  I got new fab products yesterday from PaperArtsy then I used some of them. 
Alison explained the commentary her blog and I followed her. 
I painted Chartreuse, Tikka, Chutney Fresco onto hanging-chunky-board, then I used Grunge Paste around the edges after it dried I painted Tikka, Chutney, Seaweed Fresco with some water. 
I made three tulips head by eclectica tulip 1. Chutney on the bottom base then Nougat over the top coat Crackle Glaze to tulips.
Finely I stamped Lynne Perrella collections LPC013  LPC028  LPC027 with Archival plum, then used some DI by tulips and Treasure Gold classic by panel edge.
I thought It's little difficult to made the edge by Grunge Paste coloring and shape.
And Three tulips was too much. But this is good experience.
Thank you for stopping by see you soon.


PaperArtsy new Products has arrived!!!

Hello crafters, today I have good news, PaperArtsy new Products has arrived right now!!  Wow What a Fabulous these are! I only imagine these are a lot of fun from today. Thank you PaperArtsy. xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Weekly Teresa Abajo

Hello crafters well comeback.
Over on the PaperArsty blog weekly challenge Teresa Abajo today I was inspired by 
her project Card and ATC which you can see hereAnd her fabulous blog post is here.
Then I followed her and I did exactly same style. I only changed background colours and different LP stamp.
Very sorry I omitted commentary as I have created in the same way by her.
I stenciled with Grange paste onto Grey Board, after It has dried I  painted with mixed Blush and Candy Floss Fresco"s. Used Treasure Gold white fire over the stenciled part.  Then stuck the LP's cut lady  and the embellishments to the board.
Thank you Teresa Abajo, I have enjoyed and I have learned many things from the project.
Thank you for stopping by see you soon!!  xx


PaperArtsy Challenge Julie Ann Lee Project The Green Man.

Hello everyone and welcome!
Spring has come. I know that small bug is flying.
Over on the PaperArsty blog Julie Ann has been back this week and I was inspired by her
fabulous fabulous "The Green Man" projects which you can see here.
I followed her project.
She used some tiny mask for Green Man's face, but I haven't any tiny masks and any shop haven't it my area. I want mask, I remembered Darcy used paper clay!!
Then I made mask by paper clay!! When I used it long long time ago, first my mask was big and like "Shrek" so I made again :o)

 I took 4 x 4 box canvas, I made background by Fresco Finish some green colours,
and used Crackle Glaze.

Cut, painted and stamped onto smoothy white stamping card by made petals.
Die cut TH's On the edge die and Frameworks for leaves and fence.
Die cut paperArtsy Dies Grunge flowers-2 and Song bird by shrink plastic.
Finely I glued  together onto the canvas.
Thank you for stopping by and see you again. xx


Big heart

Hello crafters and welcome.
Darcy made a large heart shape over on the her blog(Art and Sole), you can see here. I followed and make something to use it. And I just made it. 
Thanks for stopping. xx

Many thanks to the world people.

Many thanks to the world people.

We have suffered a major earthquake and tsunami three years ago in Japan.
And many people died and they lost their property.
But people around the world helped us immediately when knew it. Lots of money, lots of goods and lots of encouragement words.
We know the great love of people around the world.
We never forget it.
We just say to them "Thank you and we love you!! "


PpaerArtsy challenge by Joanne Wardle "One Layer Card"

Hello crafters and welcome, I'm here.
Over on the PaperArtsy blog Joanne Wardle project and I was inspired by her wonderful  "One Layer Card" which you can see here.
I made this very simple and quickly but it was fun.
I used smoothy white card and Lin Brown ELB04, HPXT03, FR4 PA stamps with Little Black Dress, Beach Hut, Spanish Mulberry PA Fresco Finish.
This is the card.
Thank you stopping by.
Soon will coming to my new PA package. I'm looking forward!! See you!!