6 x 6 box Flower garden

Hollow crafters and welcome.
Soon November! It is very quickly past one year ><;
 Today I want to make pretty one.
Jofy's stamp make it enable.
I made box by 6x6 chipboard, I took around edge in TH died paper.
Painted flowers, box and edges by Fresco Finish.
To become one year on this month since I started Craft.
I also want to join the some like class, unfortunately there is no school or
class even shop in my little the country.
My class and shop is only internet,
I want know basis, technique, how to, etc from class.

Sometimes I think such a thing. lol
Please leave advice or comment.
Thank you for stopping by.......


PaperArtsy Liz Borer Project #1 Challenge

Hello, Crafters and welcome.
I had really want to try  Lis's 1st project GP lettering.
I have cut in half the 8x8 chipboard. Painted background by FF.
Then  I wrote to hold my breath with concentrated  lol. I tried several times on
a other paper before I did.  I'd give it a go! (I recently learned this word.)

This is the finish. Time is almost dead line!!

Please leave to me any advice and comment.
Thank you for stopping by.....

Etsuko xxx


PaperArtsy Liz Borer Project #3 Challenge

Hello, Crafters
It's rain out side why Typhoon is runing close our country.
The beginning of October to August is typhoon season in Japan.
Rain is good for crafting!
PaperArtsy Liz Borer Project is amazing, three projects are tour de force.(I don't
 know what I say exactly in english. Just I say wonderful!!) 

Then I only follow her colors, but her colors is so beatiful. I can't do that, just I have tried. 
Even I do not have any Halloween stamps then I did only mood. (I have to get some halloween stamps for next year.)
I painted all stamps with Fresco Finish and I used
Tim Holtz Accordion Flip 3-d die. I used this die first time then it is not going well.
I'll try to make more agen.
Please leave some advice or comment to me. Thank you for stopping by.


ATC Mini Album

I made ATC mini album, Used Lynne Perrella collection by PaperArsty.
Cover I used Fresco Finish,Grunge Pate and Treasure Gold,
Stopper Belt I used TH edge die and magnet inside.

I like to make mini album, but didn't make recently.
Please leave comments, Any advice.
Thank you for stopping. 
Inside pages I used TH die and Distress ink.
Right page had pocket, It can insert ATC.


PaperArtsy Joanne Wardle project 1 challenge

PaperArtsy Joanne Wardle project 1 challenge.
I inspired by Joanne Wardle every three projects,I like her simple and clever
design. I decided 1st one this time.
I used a heart die, Fresco Finish (autumn fire, zesty zing, london bus).
Then stamped EDY01 and Mini62 paperArtsy stamps.
Thank you for stopping by.


PaperArtsy Alison Bomber Project Challenge 13-10

PaperArtsy Alison Bomber Project this time,  she has shown three fabulous projects is here01,here02,here03. I followed 2nd one. I have only 4x4 smallest
canvas. Then I used two Hanging chunky board  put together and made the panel. I was busy this week but good in time :) Thank you for stopping.


PaperArtsy Jo Myhill challenge

I inspired by Jo Myhill, she is artist and she has many talent. Wonderfull!!
The challenge is too difficult. I tried to make the background several times.
I couldn't make shabby,I did grunge, and the background need more bigger.

Top of layer I used  very thin grunge paste onto the linen. I stamped Lynne Perrella girl onto tracing paper. After grunge paste had dry I was stuck on tracing paper top of the cloth with satin glaze.
I added the embellishments the last.
I was not able to make that.(maybe funny english!)
Thank you for stoping by. Take care!

Oops!! No-one up!! Maybe,everyone is busy preparing Halloween and Christmas!!!