Solder and wax photo frame

Hello friends and welcome.
Good weather goes on every year in May here and we will enter Golden Week in Japan from tomorrow, various national holidays overlap and it is almost a week long holidays. We will not go on a trip this year, but we are planning to go fish fishing and pottery festival. Anyway, crowds of homecoming and travel will start from this evening.
Today I have made photo frame using solder and wax.
The heart made spot with solder and I painted a rust color to it but I need a iron rust patina.

I have coated the frame with bee wax then I stuck the heart and copper.
Finally I stamped the script and rubbed with crayons.
I did not satisfy but I will do it again.
Thank you so much stopping by. Have a happy craft days.
Etsuko xxx


  1. Wow Etsuko, these just keep getting better!

    Lesley Xx

  2. This is OUTSTANDING Etsuko, I love the wax and Patina look. I would be more than happy if I produced such beauty. I hope you enjoy your Holiday, visits and Festival. Hugs Tracey xx

  3. This is fabulous! Love the vintage style.

  4. Magical! Your soldering work is going from strength to strength, and I love how you've combined the rust and patina to frame that wonderful photo. A real beauty.
    Alison x


Thank so much for taking the time to stop by. Your lovely comments make my day and so much appreciated. Etsuko xxx