Hello frieands and welcome here.
There was a solder lesson on the Wanderlust 2017 online course. The solder is my first experience that although it was not so much interested at the beginning. However, looking at Guriana 's video, her project was very attractive and I wanted to try myself as well. And I bought a basic tool.

This is the first piece made with solder for electric repair.

It is a work that made solder for craft arrived. and  I followed Guriana's on line class project.

This is third piece and I made these embellishments which I haven't any vintage them. Really I want to go to flea market and get various old little things, Unfortunately like that market can not be opened around our area.

This is a piece what I made today. The handmade square frame with distorted shape. I used a UV resin for the girl in the center, I used a paper sealer beforehand and examined it well before using infrared but big air bubbles were created in the lower left. Although it is not a happy result yet...It's great fun, I'll keep going!!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon...
Etsuko xxx


  1. Amazing creations, I am following your solder journey!!

    1. Thank you so much Bryan!! I'm so looking forward to see your works, soldering friend!! xx

  2. Absolutely fantastic pieces, Etsuko! I haven't managed to keep up with the Wanderlust classes at all, but I have them all saved, ready for when I have some time! I really love what you're doing here, and look forward to seeing lots more.
    Alison x


Thank so much for taking the time to stop by. Your lovely comments make my day and so much appreciated. Etsuko xxx