Soldering Part 2

Hello friends and welcome here. Soon everybody will have Easter, In our country the Easter is not familiar like Christmas or Halloween. Of course, we knows that the Easter s the most important day in Christianity. Have a happy Easter everyone!!
I still continue soldering craft, this is a wall hanger I have made from yesterday.
I used Ice Resin for the center circle, I poured the resin about one-third into the circle once solidified the resin, I put the face paper and pour the resin again from above. I was using a heat tool for the embossing of the around the circle when the resin was not completely solidified. Then bubbles were formed in the resin as the result. I gradually get clever based on this experience lol.

 This is the bubbles.

Thank you so much stopping by. Have a nice weekend and Easter.

Etsuko xxx

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  1. This is beautiful, Etsuko - soldering is something I've always wanted to try. You make it look even more tempting!
    Alison x


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