PaperArtsy Challenge Blog Topic#14 Baked Textures 'Tea time'

Hi friends Today I'd like to share with you Seth's fabulous Baked Textures using Raquel's beautiful new release. on PaperArtsy challenge blog which you can see Here.
I wanted to use his powder which can make grunge techniques since Seth announced this texture. 
previous powder so far is almost matte, I did not use it much for the work of mixed media. 

This powder melts into the surroundings and creates an interesting texture so it is a lot of fun. I have not done a lot of experiments yet, but please enjoy it.

First decided to make a little panel with Raquel's new stamps and stencil. In the background I made pieces using some Baked Textures and collaged it. Photo Frame and Teacup at Focal Point.

What looks black is Rocky Road - Transparent, uneven and very glossy. Dirty Sand on the black dark tape on the right and on the brown paper below it is Ancient Amber. Stamps are ESA09 set.

I made Baked Texture Skins, although his film was smooth, but my film was many holes. (Left of the photo)

The photo frame I used  Raquel PS106 stencil with Ancient Amber. Since it cooled down I used Vintage Beewax once on it. And finally I used Rocky Road at the edge.

Beautiful Raquel tea cup Esc15, I tried to use Baked Textures but I could not make delicate lines and when I used Vintage Beeswax on top it got blurred.---That was my choice wrong.
I used Twilight Fresco on the base and stamped by some gold embossing powder and clear powder.

I was a lot of fun to play with this powder, and Raquel's beautiful Tea Time series has plentiful stamps and stencils that can make a variety of works.
Baked Textureshas a lot of possibilities and it is interesting to devise it, Please everybody try this challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing it!! 

Thank you so much stopping by!!!
Etsuko  xxx

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