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Hi everyone welcome to my blog and so sorry for I haven't posted it for a long time. Tonight I'd like to share with you what I have made for the 'PaperDoll' topic. 

Long time ago I met a Santos doll in my mother's book and I thought it was a scary doll that was still child. But the more scary the more intriguing and could not forget it. Actually, real dolls are made of wood and ceramics but this theme is paper doll, I decided to make a paper Santos doll what I love it and using PaperArtsy stamps and Fresco paints.

Santos dolls take their name from Spanish word for Saint, their development flourished in Europe in the 1700's and 1800's. Originally, Santos were created for use as in-home altars. They were needed in small villages that did not have a priest, as well as for when it was not possible to travel church, such as during times of war.---from santos cage doll com

I start to made the upper body of the doll and the pattern of the cage. Paper can be made easier than wood and ceramics.

The doll part was made using the 'head' of the Clockwork birds  and the camisole of Hot Pick Set 1214 (HP1214)I collaged the body and costume with this together into one.

I made both hands and painted with Vintage Lace, Toffee and Coral Frescos.

Next I made costume paper.

I added some Seth Apter stamp with Gold Fresco on the blue costume paper. And I created accessories with rhinestone and pearls, also I gave a heart shrine to the hands. I made her crown and collar with yellow paper.

These are the pillars and pedestal patterns of the cage. 

This is the cage pillars and pedestal decoration base. I used Rusty Car, Golden Sands and Sleight Blue Infusions first and stamped HP1102EZ with Coffee Archival finally I used various embossing powders. I glued these and assembled it.

I used Ink the Dog Clocks plate 6 (C6) with Black Archival on the piece of book with Rocky Road Infusion spritzed.

I decorated the interior with the clocks, cut the clocks and I covered With UTEE and hanged them with chain.

It was a favorite topic to do and I very much enjoyed my project. I hope you enjoyed my post and that you will have a go making fun your own Santos Doll. If you look at Santos Doll with Pinterest, various dolls are introduced, please check it out if you like. Thank you so much for join with me. See you soon.

Etsuko xxx


  1. I saw this on the Paper Artsy blog and had to come over for a closer look... Such a brilliant make Etsuko! Clever, original and, as always, the attention to detail is second to none. xx

  2. Such a great idea! Lovely too.
    Do you have a pattern for the cage?

  3. Hi Etsuko! :)
    Just wanted to repeat on your blog what I have written there.
    Your doll is simply amazing!!!!!
    A delightful inspiration for everyone in love with dolls and stamps. Love love it!
    Sending hugs and love from France xxx


Thank so much for taking the time to stop by. Your lovely comments make my day and so much appreciated. Etsuko xxx