I just open Etsy shop 'Pixienest'

Hello friend and welcome here.
I have a news, I have just opened Etsy shop 'Pixienest' which you can see my shop.
I have listed cotton brooches and miniature towns on my shop.

Cotton Brooch A
I made the Portrait brooch with transfer technique,
embroidered and beads on the linen.
             Cotton Brooch B 
                                                      Embroidered and beads on the linen.                                                           
Mini town (Hug)

Mini town (Joy)

Mini town (Fly)

The first experience that is opening of the net shop, there are many unknown system but I will extend the skills to make things even a variety of future.
Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a wonderful days.
Etsuko xxx


  1. Ooooh how lovely for you, hope it goes well xx

  2. How exciting, Etsuko. I wish you lots of luck with it. I think your creations look super.
    Alison x


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