2016 Artful Gathering Mary Jane Chadbourne's class 'Saints, Sinners and shrines'

Hello friend and welcome here.
My best friend and wonderful artist Julie Ann lee 'magpieheaven' was introduced fabulous online workshop 'Artful Gathering' Mary Jane Chadbourne's class three years ago.
The class has started since July 2016 and 'Saints, Sinners and shrines' is the theme in this year. I was very inspired teacher Mary Jane Chadbourne who is amazing artist and her creations are enchanting.
I want to learn art composition and colours this year.
I'd made the subject 'Retablo' two pieces.
That was very fan!!

I'll start third Retablo....
And I need more practice.....practice

Thank you so much stopping by.
See you soon and have a wonderful days all.

Etsuko xxx

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