Watercolor paint

Hello friend and welcome.
Rainy day has followed still here. Hope you had a special weekend.
I was very inspired by on the Darcy blog spot who has draw wonderful journal page using the watercolor paints. I have a go!!

I've stamped PA mini stamps randomly with watercolors onto the background.
I've brayered with some light opaque color from the top that the color was very vivid. Then I failed would turn off the merit of watercolor paint lol.  But I've continued to the finish, Okey I 'll try again soon.

I've used Japanese watercolor set, the each pigment has the Japanese old name.
I had keep it several years but did not use much. I'll try to use a little more.

Thank you so much stopping by, see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx


  1. I have those watercolours too Etsuko. They are lovely. You made a beautiful tag. I love all the stamped colour writing. It looks great. Lx

  2. Lovely tag, the stamping is great, must try this, thanks for the inspiration Etsuko.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the colours, you must use the paints more they are beautiful!


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