PaperArtsy Challenge Joanne Wardle Project #2

Hello Crafters and welcome to my blog site.
I can't believe this year almost will finish, but you will have big event Christmas.
In Japan we will celebrate the New Year than Christmas, except they have
young children. Joanne Wardle showed us three project, I inspired project #2 bagelope.
"here"  That is so cute and good idea, I will use this idea for ''Otoshidama,
 means New years money present " money bag. But it was finished in a little scary feeling lol.
I cut  2  2/4  x  3  2/4 PA smoothy heavy card stock.
Painted FF Claret and stamped wings-plate-3 by Archival jet black.
Then I used Petroleum Jelly onto background and I painted over FF snowflake.
Wiped off loose snowflake with a paper towel .I stamped the same fairy stamp with another paper. Cut the wings,  put on the same background place.
Then I stamped Mini 61 on the background and craft mini bag.
To finish I used Treasure Gold rose quartz and white fire.
This Scratch technique from "Collage discovery workshop"book.
 Leandra recommended me, Thank you Leandra.
Thank you for stopping by... Have a nice Chrismas!!   xx


  1. Looks wonderful, this is a beautiful way to give money.

  2. Of course, a money bag! Great idea. And beautiful project

  3. A wonderful money bag - so beautiful!

  4. great technique, really looks wonderful

  5. I don't quite understand how you did this but it looks fabulous. I shall have to study it some more. Really fantatstic

  6. The scratch technique gave beautiful results!

  7. This is gorgeous!! love that technique ..it's very effective!! I love that stamp

  8. That looks wonderful! A very happy Christmas & New Year to you.

  9. Happy New Year, Etsuko! May you have every happiness and lots of crafting fun in the months to come! I love this project: the central Lynne Perrella image, the script around the edge and the gorgeous colours - love that scratch technique too. It's been such a privilege popping by your blog each week and seeing what you are doing. Thank you for sharing and commenting. Happy crafting in the New Year! Julie Ann xx

  10. Well done, it looks fabulous!

  11. Beautiful work as usual - I love seeing what you do each week. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family xx


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