I'm followed Wanderlust Kasia's 'painted memories' .

Hello friends and welcome here
First, thank you for the many warm comments in Kumamoto earthquake.
I'm very glad about thinking of us.
I was very inspired by Kasia's 'painted memories' on the Wanderlust online class and I just followed her. I used 8 x 8 journal and I used Fresco Paint, Stone, Taupe,Chalk and Mermaid and Pink Line, Very Very, Cherry Blossom and Blush. And I used Satin Glaze. Also I used PaperArty Hot Picks some PA stamps and stencils. Thank you Kasia for sharing great techniques. 

These are my mum's old photos, my grandpa was ship design engineer at Yokosuka Japan and my grandma's family was owner of restaurant at the same place. After while they met the restaurant and his superior arranged them then married. They had three daughter but eldest daughter was dead 17. When he retired and he ordered his designed a blending of Japanese and Western styles house in Tokyo. That is left page's house photo. Later he built another houses twice in Tokyo but family has moved to Osaka by the second world war. This right photo was a taken at the entrance to the first house. From the front row light, mum, her older sister, her cousin and son. From left in the back, grandpa and grandma. My mum was shy and aunt was vibrant as can be seen from the photo, they were very good relationship in their lifetime. 
Thank you so much stopping by.
Hope you are well. and have a wonderful days.
Etsuko xxx

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  1. This is so beautiful, Etsuko - the subtle colours give it a really wonderful vintage feel, capturing the memories. I love it!
    Alison x


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