A happy New Year 2016.

Happy New Year to friends and welcome here.
Hope you will wonderful art creation in 2016.
My resolutions is 'challenge'. I have a more time than before from this year.
join the Wanderlust online course, that is good opportunity to study of art techniques and wonderful 26 teachers over one year.

Week 01 Introduction and book.
I made 8x8 journal pages. Darcy said the texture point appearing and Kasia did scratching and more techniques. I hate scratching sound except DJ's scratching then I didon't. Oh! no...my resolutions is...I will do today. 

This is my first pages. word is challenge.

Class begins it's so exciting, thank you so much stopping by and have a nice holiday.
Etsuko xxx


  1. Fabulous journal pages Etsuko. I'm looking forward to seeing how your journey continues with Wanderlust. Happy New Year. Lx

  2. Fab pages and great choice of word xx

  3. Gorgeous pages, Etsuko! I love the word and all the textures. I've done mine too, but have only put a photo on the Wanderlust site for now - have to wait a couple of days to fit it on the blog. Looking forward to the rest of the journey together.
    Alison xx

  4. Fabulous pages Etsuko!!!!! With perfect scratching I think Lol :)
    Hope I can start at last these pages today. xxx


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