PA topic No.5 'Deconstruction' Tag ATC Folder'

Hello friends and welcome.
Over on the PA blog topic No5 the new topic is 'Deconstruction' I never heard this word and I checked Leandra's video. Soon I tried to make first one 'Tag ATC Folder'.
I was very inspired by Jo's topic no.4 ' Hidden words '. It was very nice mini book and the cover was like a special antique skin. Also I made the surface of the folder according to her tutorial.

 These are 4 layers, Texture Past Graphite (She used sand gel medium), white gesso, French Roast Fresco and Crackle Glaze. (of the left)   Added Nougat Fresco. Wow!I love the crackle. After I used sandpaper to remove some of the Nougat.  I then sealed these layers with Satin Glaze (of the right)        
I used Prima stencils by French Roast and Chocolate Pudding Fresco. (of the left)  Then I painted by Snowflake Fresco and I blew the water. I then repeated three times.  (of the right)

I made six ATC, stamped LPC030  by Coffee Archival onto the white stamping card.

This is the front. The frame- I stamped same LPC030 and used some pastels then I cut it. I mixed Modeling Paste and Chocolate Pudding Fresco then put on the folder front. Also I put the Lynne's lady card onto the Modeling paste while the paste does not dry. When it dried I used White Fire Treasure Gold onto the paste.
Finally I was fitted with a latch.

Thank you stopping by have a happy craft-end !!
Etsuko xxx
Thank you so much Jo... Jo's wonderful Blog 'shabby dandelion' is Here.


  1. Wow! This is so lovely and textured, Etsuko! I was able to meet with Jo and hold that little book and it was even lovelier than it is in photos. How I wish I could see and touch this beautiful piece of art you have created! I really admire how you have been inspired by Jo to create something that is also very much your own. Adore that clasp idea! xxx

  2. What an amazing folder full of crackle and bursting with texture and ideas. Glorious deconstruction!
    Alison xx

  3. This is a beautiful folder Etsuko, love all the wonderful textures x

  4. This is beautiful, love all the textures and ideas you have used. The clasp really adds character. xx

  5. An absolute treasure Etsuko! I love it! X

  6. Wow, this is fabulous. Love all the texture and your colors throughout! Wonderful clasp also - very creative! xx Lynn

  7. Etsuko,
    I love, love this one. Your ATC's are fabulous and the book is full of wonderful texture.

  8. The ATC's are great works of art on their own but with the addition of that folder it's a fantastic project. Lots of work involved but you did so well Etsuko!

  9. this is so pretty - the texture is amazing xx

  10. This is amazing - I love the techniques you've used - the effect is beautiful. A stunning piece of work.

  11. Oh this this is so wonderful with all the textured layers, great techniques you've used.

  12. This is so lovely and so full of texture etsuko!

    Lucy x

  13. Wow!!! Fabulous project Etsuko!!! I love this, I want to touch the texture, and all the stamped images and bits and bobs are really gorgeous!! Also the modeling paste mixed to chocolate pudding to do a little frame on the cover is fab. Superb!! :D xxx


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