Practice No002

Hello everyone and welcome.
Today I practiced by Linda Brown over on her blog Saturday afternoon and a bit of a play! project which you can see here
And I played along with her. 

Today's points,
1, Using the grunge paste
2, Stamping by Fresco paint
3, Painting onto grunge paste

1, I did very carefully then I got good results.
2, I stretched fresco paint on the craft sheet and gave to the stamp.
   It was good method,  I then added some colours onto it but it was     bad. 
3, Linda wrote "with a clean brush" I did and it's fine!

I haven't Grunge paper then I used Amazon package. These were difference in the color tone to the paint. I need Tim Holtz's.

I had done with fun and thank you Linda!

Thank you stopping by. xx

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