PaperArsty Challenge "Julie Ann lee Renaissance Casket"

Hello crafters and welcome. Today is cold in my area but more cold some world area.
PaperArtsy's blog showed new guest designer Julie Ann Lee this week. Her projects is freely and ingenious. Also each project has lovely stories. Always I look forward her project. 
Now I inspired her beautiful creation is here.
First I took small wooden box from PA. (out of stock now) I used gesso whole of box and I painted to surface by Fresco Finish mixed Toffee, Caramel, Nougah.
After the surface paint dried, I stenciled Grunge Paste on the lid
And I added Mermaid, Beach Hut, Toffee FF and sanded 2 times 
on the all box surface again.

Each sides I used TM die then I painted almost same the surface colours.
I added embellishments and Treasure Gold.
This box isn't finish yet, I left inside and some stuffs. It will be tomorrow sorry.
Thank you for stopping by.... Etsuko xx

Today I made mini book that put in the box.
The book shaped bellows.
I used several Hot Picks stamps and UTEE.
I made Fresco paint and TH DI by background.
I think I need to add little more texture...

This is the book cover. But it hasn't the result I expected colours.
First I painted green colours, It was too green then I changed colours
many times. But I couldn't to get colours I want. DIFFICULT!!!
I'll give it a gooooooo!

Thank you for stopping by again.
See you next time.
Etsuko xx


  1. I am so glad you played along, Etsuko. I love your work and this is so pretty and imaginative. I love the texture on the lid and the butterfly. It's also a lovely touch to add that 'On the Edge' die - one of my favourites. I am so excited to see what you might add! Thanks again for joining me. Julie Ann xx

  2. ooo this looks like a real treasure chest, gorgeous patterns and use of treasure gold.

  3. Lovely box Etsuko. Looks like it might contain precious treasures.

  4. Fabulous work. The box glows. Love everything that you have added. Look forward to the contents later.

  5. Fantastic work, what great colours you have used Etsuko. Really beautiful finish so far, looking forward to seeing your next post :-) xxx

  6. Wonder if you would consider taking off word verification and adding a Bloglovin Follow to your Blog. It isn't always easy to read the numbers and words they ask for in the verification box. Here is the link to Bloglovin

    hope i can follow your Blog very soon :-) xxx

  7. I absolutely love the texture you've added to the top and I love how it almost has an oily look with shimmery multicolours from the treasure gold.

    Emma x

  8. I really like how all the colours blend together - the edge die is a wonderful idea - I always love to see what you've done each week Sarah xx

  9. Delightful! Love the shimmer given by the Treasure Gold and I look forward to the inside...

  10. Wow! This is truly stunning!
    Alison x

  11. This is gorgeous, I love all your shimmery textures xx

  12. Hi again, Etsuko! Now you have included the little book and it is just fabulous! I love that cover. I did like the book too, even though it wasn't quite as you wanted. To me it seemed just perfect. Isn't the fun of creating, playing and playing until we are happy with the result, though? I am so happy that you played along this week. I am honoured that my project inspired your lovely work. Julie Ann xx

  13. Hello Etsuko, that is GORGEOUS. I love the details around the sides & the little mini book is wonderful.

  14. I look your box, etsuko, and the book with the little owl peeking up! Perfect!

    Lucy x


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