PaperArtsy Chllenge Liz Borer Project #3 Three Panel Design

Hello again and welcome.
I inspired Liz Borer's colours chart and I challenged her colours work.
Leandra said  "This is such a fantastic resource, and such a useful one too on a daily basis!!! And there was me just wanting to make paint colours that I liked, and suddenly you have opened the door in such a clear, logical manner to show us how to easily generate a wealth of other colours."  I really think so!!  I just say to her Big Big Thank you!!
I made background by Fresco Finish 4 colours.
Simply I made purple gradation by Blood Orange + Inky Pool.
I tried make marble background several times but did not  work.

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  1. i love the depth in your background, the subtle blending of minimal colours ensures they are a perfect compliment to each other.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous colours and I love the background texture, especially with the white brush strokes showing through.

    Emma x

  3. What a stunner! I love the purple background. This is one gorgeous project! I am loving your PA art.

  4. Love the background, both colours and textures and it's a beautiful finished piece of art!

  5. Amazing colours! I love your art work!

  6. Oh Etsuko, you just amaze me with your lovely work! This has such a sense of mystery and beauty. Your take on Liz's colour work is stunning! I am so inspired by what you do! Julie Ann xx

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Etsuko! Your work is lovely,

    Lucy x

  8. this is so beautiful - very elegant xx

  9. This is beautiful, I love your colours and choice of images xx


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