PaperArsty challenge Liz Borer Project

I was inspired by Liz Borer PaperArtsy Project, and I will challenge.
I will plane to make a doll and a button book.
First I had download doll's pattern .
And I made several different types of 
textile patterns.It was so difficult for me, almost I gave up!!
This is my dolls apron and hat pattern.

Ink pad "Versafine onyx black"

Stamps   PaperArtsy  HP-1214EZ  HP-1011EZ  ID02EZ

I never made doll,it was first experience with lot of fun.
But I had a hard time in the cotton stuffing.
It was bumpy look!!

Hair tutorial was so helpful when I had done.
After I noticed My doll need more hair when I made the hat.

Project was done.
I respect  Liz again. Her project is rich in ideas,and carefully in every detail,
beautiful feminine color and design, what I say...I love her projects Wonderful!!! 

Poly Shrink Translucent
Archival Ink pads,  Fresco Finish 

I made button book, but It was not clear stamped onto shrink plastic.
It was bit blurry and I was not able to paint the color from behind. My SP is almost white.
Liz had done very clear and beautiful. 
I need more technique!!
So I am wondering how should I challenge this button book project.
Thanks visit for my blog.


  1. Bravo Etsuko. You deserve a prize just for the effort. Fantatsic doll. Love the hair and everything. Love the hat and the clothes. Your buttons are beautiful. I'm working on some of these. Don't feel up to a whole doll but maybe I should give it a go. Yo made it sound fun. Well done, absolutely fantastic.

  2. These are AMAZING Etsuo, I love your doll, and the buttons are beautiful, well done you! xx

  3. Etsuko, this is just amazing! I love her so much!!! What a challenge this was and you created a gorgeous doll! I am so very impressed. I would love to be able to make art dolls, but I don't think I have the skill. Thank you for your comment on my flowers. I love Japanese kimonos and I do have a silk one, which I never want to part with! Julie Ann xx

  4. Amazing you managed so well for your first doll! Love the apron (well sewed too) and the shrink plastic button cards. Yes you should definitely put them also in the challenge.

  5. WOW !!!!!
    Your doll is amazing, totally love her & your buttons


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